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Monthly Archives: August 2015

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LinkedIn vs. Social Media: Why LinkedIn is the Best for Relationship Building

LinkedIn has been in existence for more than a decade, and is often referred to as the professional version of Facebook. Many others jokingly say that it’s only used for job searches as college students and graduates continue to be...
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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction Using Social Media

The majority of businesses have either incorporated social media service into their marketing strategy or are in the process of doing so. Be it as it may, the key to success for any business is to maintain customer loyalty and...
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5 Ways to Use Google+ For Your Busines

Who says Google+ is dead? Despite the fact that it is being fractured off, it will remain to be used by millions of users, and instead will be more “focused” and centered on interests in common. With that in mind,...
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5 Simple Ways to Cultivate an Instagram Presence

When it comes to imagery and visuals, Instagram along with Pinterest reign supreme. If your brand relies on the use of imagery to promote its products (i.e. food, fashion), then it is imperative to include Instagram into your social media...
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Improve Your Time Spent on Pinterest Marketing

  Social media marketing can be time consuming and let’s face it time is a precious commodity. Just managing a Pinterest profile alone can take up too much time. This blog will provide you with six helpful ways to better...
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