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Twitter Marketing Features To Employ In 2017

Twitter continues to be an essential social media marketing tool for many Tampa businesses. One way it manages this task is by tweaking existing features while adding new ones. Learn which Twitter features are worth adding to your marketing mix for 2017... #1: Pin a tweet. This is a simple yet effective tactic to enhance [...]

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8 Surprising Social Media Selling Statistics

The sheer number of social media selling statistics proves it’s no passing trend. In fact, many of these stats show social media selling to be a rather effective sales methodology. And that’s exactly what’s needed in to compete in today’s top-performing industries. Below, we’ll break down a few of the most promising social media selling [...]

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4 Ways To Market Your Business On Snapchat

Whether you’ve realized it or not – Snapchat’s no longer just for the cool kids. Though only a few years old, Snapchat now boasts more users than Twitter or Pinterest or LinkedIn. The growing popularity of Snapchat has resulted in an estimated 2.5 billion snaps sent out worldwide each day. But how do you tap [...]

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3 Twitter Tactics To Find More Customers

Twitter is still one of the top social media platforms to promote your Tampa business. It’s search capabilities are second to none, making it the ideal platform to find and engage with anyone, anywhere. Unless you’re a social media guru, chances are good that you’re only using a portion of Twitter’s features. Once you know [...]

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How To Promote New Content With Digital Marketing

Every smart business knows even the best content requires promotion or it risks being lost in the overcrowded space that is digital marketing. Below, we share a few of the most successful digital marketing techniques for your Tampa business. Create Content Clips: After creating any piece of new content, go back through and pull out [...]

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