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Rochelle is our Social Media Content Coordinator with an endless passion for helping businesses succeed in this crazy digital world! Her obsession with marketing and all things tech constantly inspire her to create valuable advice that can easily be implemented by any business, big or small.

Mobile Marketing Tips

Chances are that, from where you’re sitting reading this right now, there’s at least one cell phone within arm’s reach, or at least that you can see. If you’re in an office or in public, that number is much, much larger. In an ever-connected society, the world seems to be getting smaller as we’re always [...]

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Simple Ways to Create Engaging Videos

Your business wants to reach all the customers that it can, right? There’s one small problem: no one seems to want to watch your videos. What can you do? The answer can be fairly simple, as it turns out. Here are some easy ways to engage your audience and boost your sales. Our first tip [...]

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How to Manage Social Media Accounts

Imagine this: you’ve been doing your best with your company’s social media accounts. You’ve boosted your reach as far as you can, you’re engaging with your customer base every day, you’re hearing positive things. It’s very encouraging for your brand. Now imagine that you could somehow boost your sales with those positive social media impressions. [...]

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3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Beginners

When you’re starting a brand-new business, you have to make compromises. That’s just how it goes. Though your budget may be small, your business requires some type of marketing or it will fail. Although many traditional marketing strategies may be out of reach, there are several digital ones that incredibly effective and affordable. We’ve listed [...]

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How To Build Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Nearly half of today’s brands are doing business without a defined digital marketing strategy. Whatever the reason, this presents an incredible opportunity for a savvy business owner such as yourself. Follow the steps below to build your digital marketing strategy. #1:Pinpoint your goals Always start with what you know. Unless your business has just opened [...]

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Social Media Trends For 2017

Wise marketers appreciate just how much can be learned from our past marketing efforts. As we delve into which strategies were most successful and those that performed poorly, a pattern of trends begins to take form. With that in mind, here are four social media trends to take advantage of in 2017. Social Media Trends [...]

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How To Choose A Social Media Manager

As more and more brands discover the benefits of a solid online presence, the next question inevitably becomes – how do we build it? At this point you have two options… learn the business of social media marketing yourself or hire a social media manager. Most businesses don’t have the time or desire to learn [...]

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Twitter Marketing Features To Employ In 2017

Twitter continues to be an essential social media marketing tool for many Tampa businesses. One way it manages this task is by tweaking existing features while adding new ones. Learn which Twitter features are worth adding to your marketing mix for 2017... #1: Pin a tweet. This is a simple yet effective tactic to enhance [...]

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Business Blunders To Avoid When Promoting On Facebook

Sometimes, knowing what not to do can provide the most assistance. For just this situation, we’ve compiled a list of critical blunders we still see businesses making every day. When using social media to promote your Tampa business, avoid the following four mistakes… #1: Tweeting via Facebook We understand why you link your tweets on [...]

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