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My name is David and I build things. Currently at Venerate Media Group www.veneratedigital.com grew out of a concept to move away from the static automation of social media. Rather than offering our clients a “One size fits all” approach we do something revolutionary – we listen to their needs and develop an action plan that will deliver results.

Are You Ready to Debunk 5 Social Media Myths?

The internet gives us access to basically anything we want instantly. However don’t believe everything you read on the internet. This old adage also rings true for social media services. If you go into social media blind, you could make a few costly blunders. Instead, try to find the right social media services that can [...]

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Why Is Social Media Important?

Despite what you may see, social media wasn’t created for the sole reason of sharing cat pictures and starting political fights over Facebook. Social media services know this and focus on why social media was created. It’s because of the sense of community and engagement that it offers. Social media services provide a unique [...]

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3 Tips on How to Utilize SEO with Voice Search

Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant aren’t going anywhere, anytime soon. So that means your social media services need to adjust for the future of voice search. Almost every smartphone can asked questions, via voice. Additionally, home based voice systems are on the rise as well. The future is looking like voice search will [...]

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5 Secrets to Help Your Brand Thrive On Facebook

Your brand needs social media services to help it grow. In this day and age your brand has to stand out now more than ever. The rise of social media services has opened up the floodgates for any brand to rise to prominence. So, we put together a guide on 5 secrets about Facebook [...]

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5 Great Ways to Represent Your Brand on Twitter

Having a social media following is key to growing your brand. Social media services focus on how to grow your audience and use your influence to spread awareness. Take a look on Instagram and Twitter at all the social media influencers and the services they provide. Lucky for you we put together 5 ways [...]

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Social Media Isn’t Going Away

Can you believe that people thought social media was a fad or a risky investment that was doomed to fail? It’s pretty hard to think that since social media is so ingrained in our lives now. Social media services and digital marketing are on the forefront of pushing social media forward. If your brand [...]

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6 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers

Most people think of Instagram as a great way to share pictures or post throwback Thursdays. However, it definitely has changed since its humbling beginnings. Now Instagram is an important part of any brand’s social media services. People engage on Instagram every day with individuals and brands. That’s why it is time to take [...]

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