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My name is David and I build things. Currently at Venerate Media Group www.veneratedigital.com grew out of a concept to move away from the static automation of social media. Rather than offering our clients a “One size fits all” approach we do something revolutionary – we listen to their needs and develop an action plan that will deliver results.

YouTube Marketing Tips For Non-Beginners

When considering social media for your Tampa business, we recommend you take a look at YouTube. We love this platform because it’s become a powerhouse of music videos, unique shows and viral videos. Any type of business can successfully use YouTube to market their brand, you just need to know how to do it. Start [...]

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What Is Digital Marketing?

If you aren’t quite sure what digital marketing means, let’s clear that up first. Any promotional effort performed online(social media posts, emails, website SEO and pay per click ads) fails into the category of digital marketing. Put simply, digital marketing is an umbrella term for all marketing executed online. Now that you understand digital marketing, [...]

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3 Social Media Strategies To Retain Existing Customers

By now you’ve probably realized that people are more likely to become customers of companies that are liked by friends. The reverse also holds true. People are also more likely to stop being customers of a company that is disliked by their friends. Experienced business owners understand customer satisfaction to be one of the most [...]

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How to Develop Your Brand Voice

Without a brand voice, the digital marketing efforts of your Tampa Company will lack harmony. And as your business grows, this inconsistency will only become more apparent. The best solution is to address this issue now! If you’re still not convinced, take 3 minutes to read “Why create a brand voice for your business”. Once [...]

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Why Create A Brand Voice For Your Business?

We’re going to be honest here. Publishing content on social media is a wasted effort without a clear and consistent brand voice. Though you may not realize it, every single word written and spoken by your brand reveals its underlying company culture and values. Thus, the voice you use has a huge impact on whether [...]

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5 Ways To Use Facebook Live Video For Business

Live streaming is an incredible tool to connect and engage with your target audience. The immediacy of the interaction allows you to reach potential buyers in a way never before possible. A live video also fulfills the craving your social media audience has for authenticity because of the potential for mistakes and errors. As you [...]

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How To Research Keywords For Your SEO Strategy

Utilizing the right keywords will vastly improve the SEO strategy for your Tampa business. But how do you find these elusive keywords? Read on for a few of our best suggestions. Start by making a list of vital and relevant topics based around your business. Your goal is to pick five general topics which will [...]

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8 Tactics To Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing

We’re kicking off this blog post assuming you’ve already set up a Pinterest account and have also created a few boards. You’ve probably posted a few pins and repined some items, but overall, your account isn’t doing much. Now you’re ready to take the social media for your Tampa business to the next level! Follow [...]

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How To Market Your Business On Snapchat

If your target audience contains people aged 18 to 34 who live in the United States, then Snapchat is a worthy platform your small business should consider for its social media marketing services. Although it started off skewed towards 18-year-olds, more than 50 percent of new users signing up for the app are over the [...]

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9 Image Creation Tools For Your Blog and Social Media Posts

If you’re not using visual in your today’s fast-paced digital marketing world, it’s no wonder people are completely ignoring your content. Speed is the ultimate reasonwhy we’re drawn to images rather than text. Our brains simply process visual information at a much faster rate than written words. Instead of denying this physiological fact, embrace it [...]

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