5 PPC Mistakes and What You Should Look Out For

Your social media services are precious, but so is your PPC (Pay-Per-Click). It’s a crucial component of social media services because it drives traffic to your website, giving your website the potential of generating more sales. But what happens when your social media services team drops the ball or when PPC goes awry? Read [...]

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4 Ways Your PPC Company Is Screwing You

Whether you are a CMO or small to the medium business owner, you have probably been approached by a PPC company promising you the world. Well, chances are their social media services are severely lacking and they cannot deliver. If you were unfortunate enough to have been duped by one of these services, we [...]

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Don’t Hire Your Nephew or Burden Your Employees with Digital Marketing

We get it. Small businesses often believe that digital marketing is a luxury they cannot afford. But, that isn’t true. The social media services that digital marketing provides will actually help your business! That’s why we want to help your small business run a digital marketing operation that delivers quality social media services that [...]

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Why Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Department Makes Sense

Should your business outsource its digital marketing to an outside agency or should you do it in-house? Many businesses face this question when determining how to best maximize on social media services. But, the reality is, for most small to medium businesses, it makes sense to outsource. By outsourcing to a digital marketing agency, [...]

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4 Email Signatures That Can Create Some Buzz For Your Brand

Whatever you may think, email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s as crucial and critical as any of the other social media services out there. But, are you using your email signatures correctly? Have you ever thought of using it as any other social media service? Lucky for you, we got you covered. [...]

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Why Instagram Hashtags Are Crucial For Your Business

Is your business trying to figure out the hashtag game on Instagram, but can’t seem to figure it out? Are you afraid you are missing out on this crucial social media service? If you answered yes, then you are in the right place. VMG will teach you three ways to use hashtags more effectively [...]

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Snapchat & Instagram: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Instagram and Snapchat provide social media services that your business cannot live without. However, not every business has the luxury to spend money on both of these social media services. So, the question becomes which one to choose? Both of these social media services have similar features since they are direct competitors. But, it [...]

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Using Contests and Giveaways to Promote Your Band

Hosting a contest, or a giveaway using social media services is a great idea for your brand. But, make sure you use it effectively. There are many contests out there that fall flat because they all have some common pitfalls. Namely that they used social media services incorrectly to promote their contest. To avoid [...]

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5 Reasons Why Content Marketing Works

What’s a better feeling than having customers clamoring to you? Nothing! It’s a truly great feeling when you are able to have them search you out instead of the other way around. By using social media services, you can have customers reaching out to you. The way it works is that you use social [...]

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