Video Marketing in 2018

2018 will be the year of video marketing. So, let’s make sure your social media services reflect that. Take a look at how Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat all have been developing new opportunities for business to utilize their services. Digital marketing is going to see a big push of social media services towards [...]

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Headlines Without the Clickbait Cringe

Once in a while everyone has fallen for that clickbait headline. “You Won’t Believe Why These People Are Crying, Reason 4 Will SHOCK You!” This is probably one of the more egregious ones. However, we have seen social media services that have put out headlines of this nature. The big reason is so that [...]

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4 Ways to Grow Your Follower Count

Everyone wants to grow their follower count. Whatever platform you are on, you always want more. But, you want meaningful growth, right? Well social media services can help you with that. By using social media services, you can find your audience. You can grow your follower count without having to drive yourself mad. Our [...]

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Is Your Brand Lacking an Online Presence?

Your brand needs to be online. Through the use of social media services, that can be achieved quite easily. With a few simple fixes, you can change your brand from a small corner store to a social media force. Want to know the secret? Well keep reading and find out how social media services [...]

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Top 4 Ways To Monetize Your Social Media Followers

Social media services have transformed business and marketing practices. Social media has connected millions of people and has given brands a platform to connect with their audience. Through social media services, these brands are able to compete and make money. Just look at Facebook marketplace. Social media is looking at ways to integrate e-commerce. [...]

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How to Effectively Utilize Twitter Engagement

Twitter is a powerful tool. We have seen it start huge social movements and even take down governments. The power of social media services is incredible. Twitter allows users from all over the world to interact, start trends, and engage with celebrities, political leaders, businesses, and so much more. Utilize the power of social [...]

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How to Block Fake Facebook Accounts

If you aren’t on Facebook, do you even exist? Of course it’s a joke but there is some truth to it. Today, social media services and digital marketing are huge. We see brands and business on all the social media services and platforms. But with over a billion users, how can you tell who [...]

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Using YouTube for Your Small Business

People tend to forget that YouTube is a social media platform just like any other. Meaning, this service can be used to help promote your small business on social media. Therefore, utilize this platform and make it a part of your social media services. Don’t be afraid to show the face of your business. [...]

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Google Plus & Your Business

Google Plus isn’t exactly like the other social media services out there. It’s not really meant to be Google’s way of competing with other social media platforms. Instead it’s about evolving how we communicate with the world. It’s also not what we are really used to either. Unlike Facebook, Google Plus is more about building [...]

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