Social Media VS Heineken

It seems like social media services have been very active as of late. Countless tone deaf ads have been coming under fire, and thanks to social media services, they are being taken down. This is because social media and its services are able to give people a voice and a direct line to companies. Now, [...]

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4 Myths About SEO

If you saw our other post about SEO, then this one will be a helpful guide on what not to do. There are plenty of social media services out there that will follow some of these incorrect SEO methods. So, take a look at these five myths and how your social media services team should [...]

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3 SEO Tips for Better Rankings

Does your brand know what SEO is? Well, Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting the most number of visitors to your website. How is this done? By getting your website to appear high on the search list of any search engine, but in reality it means Google. This is one of the basic [...]

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Are You Ready to Debunk 5 Social Media Myths?

The internet gives us access to basically anything we want, instantly. However don’t believe everything you read on the internet. This old adage also rings true for social media services. If you go into social media blind, you could make a few costly blunders. Instead, try to find the right social media services that [...]

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Why Is Social Media Important?

Despite what you may see, social media wasn’t created for the sole reason of sharing cat pictures and starting political fights over Facebook. Social media services know this and focus on why social media was created. It’s because of the sense of community and engagement that it offers. Social media services provide a unique [...]

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