3 Ways to Use Boomerang

Instagram recently just launched a new app called Boomerang to their list of video features. This application is a stand alone app that is not required to be used by Instagram, and is similar to a GIF. An Instagram Boomerang is only a second long mini-video that can be instantly shared across all your social [...]

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5 Analytic Websites to Optimize Follower Growth

At the forefront of social media, the core of understanding your analytics is most important to tracking your success, seeing what you’re doing best, and repeating to continue growth. Here’s a list of the 5 of the best analytics websites for optimizing follower growth on your social media channels. […]

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10 Social Media Marketing Experts to Follow

Don’t miss your chance to gain internet marketing tips from the pros in the industry! We’ve compiled a list of our favorites in the social media marketing community. Here are our picks for 10 social media marketing experts you should know about (in no particular order): […]

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3 Ways to Promote a Local Business with Local SEO

Local SEO has become a key way to effectively promote a local business online. It involves optimizing how you appear in local search engine results pages. Ranking high in search gives you a significant advantage over your competitors and can be a game changer because the higher you rank in local search, the more exposure [...]

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Top 5 Local Search Ranking Factors for 2015

2015 is a big year for local search, which is why understanding which factors are important for achieving a high ranking on SERPs is essential for your business. Many factors go into how well your website ranks on search engines, but we’re just going to be looking at the top ranking factors. According to a [...]

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Best Practices for YouTube Marketing

Since its birth in 2007, YouTube has become a daily pastime for millions, and its popularity has brought a unique opportunity for people who create videos. They are able to not only share their content with others around the world, but also make a living using the website. Whether you are a new vlogger or [...]

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7 Top Sites For Free High Resolution Images

Don’t make the rookie mistake of using photos you find on the web through Google search without checking if they are free to use on your blog, social media post, etc. You do not want to use anyone’s content without their permission or in a way that you are not supposed to. Not only is [...]

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6 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Posts

The lives of marketers everywhere were made that much more difficult in 2014 when Facebook shifted its algorithms, causing organic reach to decline and more emphasis to be placed on ad campaigns. While this may be a challenge for marketers and brands alike, it is still possible to put together good content that may help [...]

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Marketers Beware! 5 Facebook Ad Changes You Need to Know

In the past year or so, Facebook has underwent many changes from shifting reach to paid as opposed to organic, to recently adding live-streaming for celebrities. Brands now have at their disposal, various ways they can get their messages across to their audiences. Below are some significant changes that Facebook introduced to their ads that [...]

LinkedIn vs. Social Media: Why LinkedIn is the Best for Relationship Building

LinkedIn has been in existence for more than a decade, and is often referred to as the professional version of Facebook. Many others jokingly say that it’s only used for job searches as college students and graduates continue to be LinkedIn’s fastest growing demographic. However, a lot of people seem to overlook LinkedIn’s arguably strongest [...]