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How To Research Keywords For Your SEO Strategy

Utilizing the right keywords will vastly improve the SEO strategy for your Tampa business. But how do you find these elusive keywords? Read on for a few of our best suggestions. Start by making a list of vital and relevant topics based around your business. Your goal is to pick five general topics which will [...]

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8 Tactics To Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing

We’re kicking off this blog post assuming you’ve already set up a Pinterest account and have also created a few boards. You’ve probably posted a few pins and repined some items, but overall, your account isn’t doing much. Now you’re ready to take the social media for your Tampa business to the next level! Follow [...]

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How To Market Your Business On Snapchat

If your target audience contains people aged 18 to 34 who live in the United States, then Snapchat is a worthy platform your small business should consider for its social media marketing services. Although it started off skewed towards 18-year-olds, more than 50 percent of new users signing up for the app are over the [...]

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Getting Started With Instagram Marketing

Instagram offers a plethora of opportunity for small businesses looking to expand their social media efforts! This is because users enjoy connecting with brands AND only a third of marketers are actively using Instagram as compared to Facebook.Even so, there are still millions and millions of photos being shared on Instagram every day. You need [...]

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5 Tips For Making Memorable Social Media Images

Did you know that almost 30% of your brain’s cortex is dedicated just to processing visual stimuli? This is why including vibrant, interesting images are so vital to the success of your small business on social media. That being said, creating memorable images can be incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, there are a few tricks to making [...]

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How To Find Your Social Media Audience

You would never sit down at a restaurant you’ve never been to before, and without placing an order, expect the server to give you exactly what you want. Yet this is exactly what businesses do every single day on social media – create and publish content for an audience they’ve never spoken to and know [...]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding and Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook is so valuable because it excels at collecting data from users who voluntarily enter it into their very own personal profiles. This matters to your business because it provides an inside look into who your Facebook audience is. When used correctly, Facebook ads can be a valuable tool for reaching your target customer for [...]

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An Introduction To Twitter Marketing For Your Business

Though it seems a new social network pops up all the time, there are really only a handful of platforms that you need to focus on for social media marketing success. Twitter tops the list. Follow this advice to start taking advantage of Twitter’s marketing ability. As with every marketing strategy, to be successful on [...]

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Six Social Media Metrics Worth Measuring

There are many social media marketing services your small business should consider. No matter which ones you choose, they should all include some form of social media analysis. This is the only way to truly understand how and if your social media marketing is achieving your goals. Here are 6 social media metrics we believe [...]

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Six Fundamentals Every Content Marketing Plan Should Include

Content Marketing is a strategic way of distributing information to potential buyers. Here’s how it works… Your brand consistently gives away valuable advice. This in turn, creates customers who are loyal to your business. It’s a simple idea, yet it’s incredibly effective! Developing your content marketing plan should be a well-thought out process that always [...]

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