As more and more brands discover the benefits of a solid online presence, the next question inevitably becomes – how do we build it? At this point you have two options… learn the business of social media marketing yourself or hire a social media manager.

Most businesses don’t have the time or desire to learn about social media marketing, and end up hiring a social media manager who either works in-house or through a digital marketing company Tampa. For those who choose to hire a professional, the following advice will help you find the ideal social media manager for your brand.

Seek out experts in social media marketing.

No matter how you come across a social media manager, always do your research before hiring them. Check out their company and/or personal social media pages to learn how well (or poorly) they use social media.Scan their website to learn more about the social media marketing services they offer.

It’s also vital to learn what their past and current customers have said. Read through enough Google and Facebook reviews to get a solid understanding of the quality of service provided. Pay special attention to how problems are handled. This often provides the biggest insight into a company’s true nature.

Pay attention to communication and listening skills.

An experienced social media manager will want to talk with you before creating your marketing plan.He or she will actively listen to you, asking questions about your company vision, company goals, target market, and marketing objectives. This is the difference between a cookie-cutter plan and a strategic marketing plan that’s been created just for you. A strategic social media plan takes the bigger picture into account, and accepts it’s supporting role in an effort to meet the objectives of your company.

Ask about past experience in your industry.

During your consultation with each social media manager, find out if he or she has any past experience in your particular industry. If the answer is no, this does not have to be a deal-breaker. As long as the above criteria is met, and a stellar marketing plan is presented, an experienced manager can overcome this challenge.

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