16 Conversation Starters

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Does your social media presence need a kick-start? Are your posts getting no response, or are you at a loss for things to talk about? Check out our list of social media conversation starters that will grab your audience’s attention and get them talking!

1)  Use humor. Funny stories, jokes or memes catch attention and open conversation. When used appropriately, humor can knock your social media out of the park.

2)  Ask questions. Ask, “What would you do?” to elicit comments and discussion.

3)  Request feedback. Ask for feedback on your services or products. Give your followers an opportunity to offer constructive suggestions.

4)  Share a quote. Motivational, inspirational or appropriately-timed funny quotes get shared – and they get shared more often if accompanied by a photo.

5)  Create and post a relevant infographic from your website. This is a good way to share your knowledge and direct traffic to your website at the same time.

6)  Share a personal story. Open up a little and show that there’s a human behind the profile.

7)  Give the inside scoop. Share a little-known fact or post behind-the-scenes. Your fans will love being “in the know!”

8)  Share a favorite memory or your weekend plans, and encourage fans to share theirs, as well.

9)  Ask for a recommendation. Ask for suggestions for a new book to read or movie to see.

10) Cite an industry statistic. This shows that you are well-informed in your niche, and will also prompt fans to share and retweet.

11) Share breaking news. You want to establish yourself as an industry expert and thought leader. Sharing breaking news as it happens will show you are on top of it.

12) Give useful tips. Share something you’ve learned that your audience will find interesting and helpful.

13) Request help for a fan or follower. Crowdsourcing a problem gives fans a voice and could assist them at the same time.

14) Polls and surveys. This elicits engagement and opens an opportunity later on to share the results.

15) Fill-in-the-blank statement. For example, “My favorite social media scheduling tool is __________.”

16) Share a comment from your blog. This can really open up the conversation, especially if the comment is on a hot-button issue or a thoughtful response to your blog post.

These are some great ways to open up conversation starters with your fans and followers. What would you add to this list?