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Things you can do with Optimizely

Brian Schwartz Senior Staff Writer at Venerate Media Group Whether you’re selling a single product or have multiple SKUs available in your e-commerce platform; if your conversion rates aren’t 100%, then there’s always room for optimization. A platform called Optimizely enables businesses both small and large to deliver the best customer experience online, across all [...]

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Four Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Brian Schwartz Senior Staff Writer at Venerate Media Group Are you struggling to get your affiliate marketing business off the ground? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. Why? You can start part-time with little or no money – and you don’t have to ship a product - ever. With [...]

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Latest trends in Affiliate Marketing

Brian Schwartz Senior Staff Writer at Venerate Media Group The key to being a successful affiliate marketer is having the ability to keep up with marketing trends. With each trend change, the world of affiliate marketing can become a completely different game, which is why the power affiliates tend to have little competition. Here are [...]

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Goodbye To Free Traffic – Facebook

A huge chunk of businesses both online and offline are relying more and more on Facebook to provide a little bit of free marketing to their business. The Facebook marketing systems people use are for good reason – with over a billion members, Facebook is a great place to reach out to new fans, and [...]

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