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6 Ways to Incorporate Periscope into Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

The two hottest social media platforms to recently hit the market were Periscope and Meerkat, resulting in the advent of live-streaming. Out of the two platforms, Periscope has shown to be by far more successful. As of August, Periscope counts more than 10 million registered users, all gained within a span of 4 months (keep [...]

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6 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Posts

The lives of marketers everywhere were made that much more difficult in 2014 when Facebook shifted its algorithms, causing organic reach to decline and more emphasis to be placed on ad campaigns. While this may be a challenge for marketers and brands alike, it is still possible to put together good content that may help [...]

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Marketers Beware! 5 Facebook Ad Changes You Need to Know

In the past year or so, Facebook has underwent many changes from shifting reach to paid as opposed to organic, to recently adding live-streaming for celebrities. Brands now have at their disposal, various ways they can get their messages across to their audiences. Below are some significant changes that Facebook introduced to their ads that [...]