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Are you reaching your digital audience? A new digital marketing strategy

Are you reaching your digital audience? To reach your fullest potential in digital marketing, it is absolutely necessary that you know your audience. You don’t want to post content that no sees or cares about. To maximize the number of people you reach, you must first understand how your audience uses social media. Using this [...]

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You are not using Facebook properly for your company. Find out why!

Facebook is still the reigning champion of social media. Although there are other successful social networking sites, such as Twitter and Instagram, Facebook is still the most used social media platform- by both users and businesses. […]

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3 Outdated Social Media Tactics You Need to Stop Immediately

Social media has proved to be a highly successful marketing tool. It reaches each business’ target audience of potential and current customers. Over the years, social media content coordinators have found many successful tactics to use. However, social media services are constantly evolving and it is time to lay many of these older tactics to rest [...]

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The quickest way to lose FaceBook friends – improper use of Multi-Level Marketing

Are your Facebook friends clogging your time line with products that they are trying to sell? Have you thought about un-friending your friends online who hound you about buying their mediocre products? These products sold by your friends range from make up to weight loss supplements to candles. This is known in the marketing industry [...]

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Social Media in Politics – how politicians should use digital marketing

Social media has immensely changed the way public figures, particularly politicians, are viewed in the public sphere. Never before have politicians been so personable and relatable to their constituents. Social networking sites update in real time and are accessible on a wide range of platforms and devices. By using social media to their advantage, politicians [...]

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4 Tips to use #hashtags to promote your brand

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade, you’re familiar with social media. Or, you at least have heard of it. Not everyone can be a social media expert, but luckily at Venerate Media Group, we’ve got social media expertise covered. Many people on our team have studied social media and know [...]

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Social Media Marketing Tips for Alcohol Brands

As an alcohol business, you understand that it is always 5 o’clock somewhere. This statement holds true when you are promoting your alcohol brand on social media. Social media marketing is a great way to interact with fans of your brand, find new customers and engage with your audience. By using social media to market [...]

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