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6 Ideas To Revamp Your Marketing Strategy For The New Year

In our humble opinion, the best way to start a new year is by analyzing the old one. Read on for six ideas to do just that. Clean up your email lists. It’s only natural for your list to decay over time. And it happens faster than you think. The best way to keep your [...]

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A Marketer’s Guide: Adding Digital To Your Marketing Mix

If adding digital to your marketing mix has you somewhat-to-completely baffled, you’ve come to the right place! There are many benefits to using digital marketing, especially with social media. For a peek at how social media can help your business, I encourage you to read: "Social Media – Your Key To Success”. However, this post [...]

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Which Social Media Network Does My Business Need?

In short, it depends. The longer (and better) answer considers your business goals as well as who your customer is. Yes, this requires research and patience!But stick with it, and I promise that you’ll eventually find the answers you seek. Facebook Used by both men and women, Facebook has always appealed to the younger generations. [...]

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Why Your Business Needs Social Listening

You may have heard of social monitoring. Although it is sometimes used interchangeably with listening, it’s not the same thing. Monitoring is a lot like investigation where your main goal is to collect information. Listening requires further thought to identify opportunities you may not see upon first glance. It goes beyond watching and responding to [...]

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How To Use Social Media Influencers To Generate More Business

Tapping into influencer marketing is a wonderful way to build your social media following quickly. In fact, social influencers can be everywhere, you only need to seek them out. But, why should you? For one very important reason: key influencers give you instant access to an already engaged audience. Because this highly-targeted strategy is becoming [...]

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How To Use A Buyer Persona To Reach Your Real Customers

If your buyer persona hasn’t been modified since it was first built, now’s a great time to refresh it! If you’re creating a customer character for the first time, please read on as well. A buyer persona allows you to attract customers who are most likely to purchase your product or service. By connecting with [...]

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