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Making Google AdWords Extensions Work For You

In marketing, a bigger ad is always better. It’s not only more likely to catch the viewer’s attention, it’s also able to provide more information to help your viewer make a positive decision about your company. Same goes for your presence on social media and it's services, be everywhere. So why, when working with Google [...]

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Using Social Media to Tap the Millennial Market

There are a lot of news stories circulating today about Millennials. The term encompasses a wide range of people born between 1980 and 2000. They’re a market that’s rising in prominence, and tapping into their resources could help to make your business a success. Intersecting with this market is the relatively new tool of social [...]

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Sales Funnels for Small Businesses and Startups

If you’re in charge of a small business or startup, maybe you’ve seen other similar businesses follow what seems to be a formula for growing sales. If it seems a bit formulaic, it might be because it is. The tactics these other small businesses and startups are following are called “sales funnels,” so named because [...]

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Do Facebook Ads Work?

Social media and it's services are always changing. These days, ads on Facebook are a common sight. They pop up in between your friend’s posts on your timeline, and whether you’re just browsing or considering purchasing one for your business, the question has probably come into your mind: do Facebook ads work and should they [...]

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Tips to Increase Social Media Engagement

With social media platforms and services like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram offering new avenues to reach your consumer base, it’s no wonder that advertisers are spending big money to make use of them. They created a whole industry within digital marketing on social media services. When you run an engaging, interesting advertising campaign, your product [...]

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Simple Ways to Create Engaging Videos

Your business wants to reach all the customers that it can, right? You want to be the hottest brand on every social media service and platform. But, there’s one small problem: no one seems to want to watch your videos. What can you do? The answer can be fairly simple, as it turns out. So, [...]

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How to Manage Social Media Accounts

Imagine this: you’ve been doing your best with your company’s social media accounts and services. You’ve boosted your reach as far as you can, you’re engaging with your customer base every day, you’re hearing positive things. It’s very encouraging for your brand. Now imagine that you could somehow boost your sales with those positive social [...]

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What to Look For in White Label Social Media Services

So you’re looking to boost your brand and improve your social media services, but you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for. Maybe you need better social media management, or better content for your website, or something else altogether. Whatever it is that will get your company to the top is what it’ll take, but [...]

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