3 Digital Marketing Strategies for Beginners

Connecting the community, as influencers.

When you’re starting a brand-new business, you have to make compromises. That’s just how it goes. Though your budget may be small, your business requires some type of marketing or it will fail. Although many traditional marketing strategies may be out of reach, there are several digital ones that incredibly effective and affordable. This includes employing social media services. We’ve listed three such digital marketing strategies for beginners below…

Social Media Marketing

This type of marketing strategy utilizes social media services platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) in order to achieve a specific objective. Several objectives are possible including generating awareness of your brand, building relationships with customers and increasing traffic to your website. Using social media services is extremely important in this modern digital marketing climate.

You can choose to hire a social media marketing agency or handle this task on your own. Either way, this type of marketing requires a person who is skilled in creating impact full visual and written messages aimed at your target audience. It requires an understanding of your brand’s voice as well as the purpose of each piece of content you put out on social media.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The objective of SEO is to get a website link to rank high enough in the search engine results related to an online user’s request for more information. Choosing the right keyword phrase is essential. Typically, a higher ranking equals more click through to your website. Ultimately, you want to be on page 1 of the search results.

Both technical and creative skills are required to build a successful SEO marketing strategy. Pay attention to the words you choose to use on your website and which websites are linking to yours other. Both of these elements will help you understand how a search engine views your website or why it isn’t finding your business at all.

Email Marketing

When well-implemented, electronic mail is a marketing force to be reckoned with! If you know how to craft an email campaign which provides value to, and builds trust with, your target customer – it will result in an incredibly high conversion rate. In order to create such a campaign, you must first develop your buyer persona. Understanding the characteristics of your customer and what’s important to them is essential to the prosperity of your brand. These digital marketing strategies for beginners can help you start your business.

Trying to understand online marketing strategies is not for everyone. Do what you do best and then hire an agency to build and manage your digital marketing efforts. Here at VMG, we offer a free consult which provides an expert’s advice on the best digital marketing strategies for your business. It’d be our pleasure to assist you! Call (888) 486-4130 or reach out to us online.