3 Facebook Features You Need To Know About For Digital Marketing

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Are you aware of all the social media services and features provided by Facebook? Well, if you didn’t know, you will now! In this post you will learn about three social media services that will help you improve your digital marketing efforts when it comes to Facebook. These tools will transform a lackluster Facebook presence into a streamlined Facebook experience that will help you better manage your content and improve on how you connect with communities. These essential social media services will help propel your brand’s awareness forward and help you grow your social media presence as well. Take a look!

1. Increase Engagement for Your Facebook Page
Facebook is about connecting and sharing with users. The idea is that a post will spark engagement and people will jump in to comment and get a conversation going. So, each post from your brand should be doing this! But, you should also be encouraging people to reach out to your brand directly too! By promoting that people directly message your Facebook account, you can provide tailored customer support and answer any questions that they may not feel comfortable messaging you publicly about. This can help increase engagement since they will be able to build trust with your brand.

2. Build a Community Around Your Brand
It’s time to start thinking about how Facebook groups should be included in your digital marketing strategy. Facebook groups provide your brand with the ability to really engage with your audience. You can see how many new members joined and reach out to them, letting them feel welcomed to your community. Another great tool/benefit is that you can use group insights to monitor a whole wealth of useful data. You can see what time of day or what day of the week is most popular for user engagements. Additionally, you can monitor your top users/contributors and know who you can encourage to post more content!

3. Customize Your News Feed for Your Brand’s Needs
There is always talk about the “algorithm” and it’s ever changing nature. So, it’s time to use it to your brand’s advantage. By this we mean about the frustrating Facebook news feed. One option to look at is organizing your friends list. This allows you to give permissions to who can see your content and who can comment on it. Why is this feature important? It is important because you can prioritize who sees your post first. You can control and alter how your news feed looks, so that it gets in front of the right audience easier. Additionally, you can use this for group content as well. Group notifications are set to show highlights by default. This can be changed to show all posts in the group, just highlights, or posts from friends.

So next time you are on Facebook, dive into the inner workings of the social media platform. You’ll quickly realize that there are a lot of tools available to help you craft a digital marketing strategy that can help build your brand’s presence on Facebook using Facebook features. Interested in stepping up your digital marketing game? Get a free quote from us today!