3 Great Ideas For Retargeting Ads

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You might be hearing a lot about a great digital marketing service. It is called retargeting and there is a reason for the buzz – it works! Retargeting allows your business to recapture recent website visitors in order to convert them into customers. This social media service is a vital asset for your digital marketing efforts. With retargeting, your business can create meaningful ads that are specific to your visitors. Having a social media service such as this will help you seize this unique opportunity. Instead of having boring old ads, take a look at these three tips on how to create great retargeting ads:

Retargeting Ads

Tip 1: Use Objections To Your Advantage

A few common things that we see in ads are logos and images to help us associate products with a specific brand. Many digital marketing strategists understand that a good amount of users will click through the landing page. So these ads are created to make an impression. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. When creating a retargeting ad, it isn’t necessary to reintroduce your brand – they already know who you are. Instead, focus on why they didn’t go through with their purchase. Try to convince them to come back and complete that sale. A great way to do that is to address a common problem or objection. For example, if users feel that it takes too long to sign up, let them know it only takes 30 seconds and can save them hundreds of dollars. Think about how Geico commercials hammer that point in!

Tip 2: Create Urgency

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a great driving force. When people see an ad that says “limited time,” “while supplies last,” or “last minute deals,” they tend to feel a sense of urgency. Knowing that the current offer or deal is about to expire helps to push people into making a quick decision. If you saw an ad with a ticking clock counting down to when a sale ends, you might be quick to pull out your credit card to make a purchase. Because after all, who can pass up on a good deal?!

Tip 3: Help Cart Abandoners  

Think about how many times you filled your online shopping cart to only abandon it. You were pretty close to checking out, so what stopped you? Learning about this could make you wince, knowing that you were so close to a deal. Get the job done by bringing them back to finish their purchase. They already went to your website, selected a product, and went to go checkout. They just need that extra push. Create an ad that reminds them to finish checking out. If you remind them that they never finished their check out process, then they might be convinced to come back and finish it. Plus, you already know that they are interested in your product or service!

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