3 Ways to Promote a Local Business with Local SEO

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Local SEO has become a key way to effectively promote a local business online. It involves optimizing how you appear in local search engine results pages. Ranking high in search gives you a significant advantage over your competitors and can be a game changer because the higher you rank in local search, the more exposure your business will have as opposed to someone else’s business. If you aren’t implementing local SEO into your SEO strategy, you are not benefiting from a wonderful opportunity to market your business and attract customers. Here are some ways you can starting practicing local SEO:

  1. Make great, original content for your website and/or blog that is informative plus includes local signals.

Optimize your website not just for search, but for local search. Do your research on keywords and see what keyword phrases people are searching for. Whether it be a blog post or a page on your website, strategically use relevant keywords that make sense and are catered toward your local audience. Do not stuff any keywords, your location or any information in irrelevant places hoping to rank better on Google because this can actually lower your ranking.

  1. Practice effective local link building strategies.

Linkbuilding with relevant websites that have authority impacts your rank. One great way to do this is to get your business listed in local business sites such as Yelp, LinkedIn, and Whitepages. You can find a great list of local business directories here. Make sure you include all relevant information including your business name, hours, phone numbers and address. Keep everything consistent across all sites by having your NAP (name, address, phone number) formatted the same everywhere. Consistency is key. Another great link building strategy that focuses on acquiring authoritative links is getting involved with other local businesses and organizations. Some ways to do this include: participating in local events, applying for an award/entering a contest, contacting local publications to get interviewed, sponsoring something local, etc. Get involved and get your link out there.

  1. Optimize your GMB listing and encourage your customers to leave a review if satisfied.

The Google My Business landing page is a great marketing tool for your local business and should be treated as such. Optimize it for search and impress people with it by completely filling out your GMB page. Write a great description that is long, formatted correctly and has relevant links. Upload high quality photos for your profile image and cover photo as well as additional photos that make your company look appealing and represent your brand. It is also important to acquire local, positive reviews. Not only does this help you with local ranking in search, but it will look really good to potential customers as well. You should also do this for other review sites your company is listed on as well.

These are just 3 ways to promote local business with local SEO. Practicing effective local SEO takes work. Get to it and good luck promoting your business in local search.

Do you own a local business? What has worked (or not worked) for you? We’d love to hear your insights.


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