3 Ways to Use Boomerang

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Instagram recently just launched a new app called Boomerang to their list of video features. This application is a stand alone app that is not required to be used by Instagram, and is similar to a GIF. An Instagram Boomerang is only a second long mini-video that can be instantly shared across all your social media platforms. This feature is keeping Instagram at the forefront of users attention and engagement. Here are three ways you can use the new Boomerang feature to help continue the growth of your audience, all while actively engaging them.

Ways to Use Boomerang

1. Do something Funny
The most useful way to gain someone’s attention is to make them laugh. GIFs go viral on sites like Tumblr and Facebook, and now Instagram is trying to gain a piece of this action with Boomerang. Users can create funny posts to share with their followers and encourage engagement. Throw a pie in someones face, do a cannonball into a pool, or bust an impressive skateboard move and then fall. Whatever your humor may be, this is the best way to make a short boomerang go viral quickly and surely gain you many likes. Who doesn’t like a quick laugh?

2. Keep it Simple
Since you only have 10 images put together into a second long image that goes forward and backwards on repeat, it is important to keep your Boomerang simple and to the point in order for your followers to understand the humor or message that you’re trying to get across. Try to think about what is something so straightforward that even your grandma would understand when she sees a Boomerang. This will help your instant video attract more views and possibly reshares. Equally gaining you more engagement for a successful Instagram Boomerang.

3. Share-ability
At the end of the day Boomerang was created to help keep your followers attention and ideally gain more followers by creating a funny, simple, and yet engaging video. Since Boomerang is able to be shared on Facebook and Twitter, the purpose of the game is to get as many shares as possible, bringing more attention to your brand.

The best way to do this is by the share-ability of your Boomerang.  You can do so by encouraging your followers to tag their friends who find the image either funny or interesting. One example of an account that does this well is @bestvacations. You can look at their image captions for inspiration to help your Boomerang go viral.

Written by Freddy Rodriguez

Fred is a southern Texas transplant currently living between New York City and Berlin, and writing about his experiences and many adventures.