4 Email Signatures That Can Create Some Buzz For Your Brand

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Whatever you may think, email marketing isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s as crucial and critical as any of the other social media services out there. But, are you using your email signatures correctly? Have you ever thought of using it as any other social media service? Lucky for you, we got you covered. Don’t believe us? Think about all the daily interactions you and your employees have through email. That’s prime real estate for brand awareness. Our team put together four examples of email signatures that can really make your brand pop.

Email Signatures

  1. Share a Case Study
    You team is busy keeping current business and also looking for new business. But, have you ever stopped and wonder how best to showcase past wins? By adding a case study to your email signature, you give potential and current clients the ability to see their ROI. It will be there plainly every time you email them. It’s that easy!
  2. Discounts
    Everyone loves a discount. Doesn’t matter who they are, they want one. Every time you send out an email, it should be an opportunity for your audience to see your products or service. Promote upcoming sales with discounts in your email signature. People will be sure to take notice and see what you have to offer.
  3. White Papers
    White papers are a great way to learn about the latest trends, news, and reports in your industry. What better way to provide your audience with useful content then adding a link to a white paper in your signature. Not only will it build trust and credibility, but it will also be a subtle way to share news with your clients without blasting it in a newsletter.
  4. Upcoming Events
    Is your business promoting an upcoming event? Why not get more event registrations by adding a signup link to your signature. It’s a great reminder to people who may have missed the news the first time around. It can also generate conversations from people wondering what that link is all about.

Emails themselves can be great digital marketing tools, but many people forget that. If you are interested in stepping up your social media presence, then sign up for a free quote from us today! Don’t let your brand suffer from a lackluster digital marketing strategy any longer!