4 Must Have Apps for Managing Your Social Media On the Go!

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Easily find people chatting about your company when you use Mention. This handy app allows you to see what people have to say about your brand (both the good and the bad) by just adding keywords specific to your brand. They will even send you a notification every time you are mentioned, which can be great for dealing with negative comments quickly. The only downside is that you will eventually have to sign up for a payment plan, the app is only free for the first month. Give it a try and see how beneficial it is to you, if you find yourself relying on its updates, then buying a plan might be the right move for your company.

Facebook Pages Manager
Words cannot do this app justice, but we’ll give it a shot! If you are familiar with managing a Facebook page from a computer, you know that there is a lot to look at. There’s reviews, insights, messages, posts to page, your scheduled posts, mentions, and so much more. Well, imagine being able to do all of that, from your phone. You heard that right, you can do pretty much everything you would on a computer, from the comfort of your mobile device.

Don’t worry, it will be completely separate from your personal page as well. Which is great for keeping your personal and business content completely separate. You will login as you would on your personal Facebook account, but instead of logging you into your personal account it will connect to all the pages you are an admin on. So if you manage multiple Facebook pages, you can still do so from your phone as well, it’s not limited to just one page.

Want one more reason to love this app? It’s completely free!

Feedly is so simple and easy to use. Stay ahead on all the topics you need to know about. Create different content folders to keep all your different topics organized. For example, if you want to keep up with the latest social media news you can have a “social media” folder where you can all your favorite social media sites, and if you are also interested in cooking, you can have a separate “cooking” content folder where you store all your favorite recipe sites. This allows you to effortlessly sort through the different content topics you love without mixing them up. You can also share content you find directly through the app or send it to Buffer to schedule for later.

If you need to schedule your Instagram content ahead of time, this great little app makes posting your content a breeze. You can add and schedule content to go out at a later time either from your computer or from your phone. When it comes time for the content to go out, the app will send a push notification to your phone. When you select the notification it will open up the app and tell you that your caption has been copied to your clipboard and open your phone’s dashboard so you can select to “open in Instagram.” The app has already grabbed the photo to be uploaded and added it to Instagram, all you have to do is paste your caption and press share! It only takes a few seconds! The app also allows you to manage multiple accounts.