4 Myths About SEO

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If you saw our other post about SEO, then this one will be a helpful guide on what not to do. There are plenty of social media services out there that will follow some of these incorrect SEO methods. So, take a look at these 4 myths about SEO and how your social media services team should avoid them.

  1. SEO Copy Has To Sound Robotic
    It won’t be hard to find an example of bad SEO copy on Google. If you find yourself reading a post with a specific keyword inorganically squished into a sentence, then you found yourself a winner. Not only is this a sign of bad SEO but it’s a sign of a social media service that fails to grasp how SEO works. What you should be reading instead is a seamless post that won’t have words jarring out at you.
  2. Find a Keyword and Never Change
    SEO buzzwords were a big thing early on. However, Google has reacted to this and changed the game. Therefore, it is much better to find a few keywords to sprinkle throughout a post. Additionally, it’s also important to switch it up so that you have relevant variations. By casting your net as such, you have a better shot at increasing your rank.
  3. Shorter is Better
    This one is a bit trickier. People online do have a short attention span, which means that many readers won’t be reading the entire post. But, it is worth it posting a longer post from time to time. This is because longer posts give you the ability to have more long-tail keywords throughout the post. Which again, should cast a wide net for Googlers. Another reason why long posts are okay is because they can be dense in information, which might be just what a Googler is looking for. However, the information should be worth their time. But, do keep in mind the fickleness of the online reader.
  4. Clever Headlines
    This is another one of 4 Myths About SEO that could go either way. Clever headlines are great for drawing in your readers. But, it needs to be beneficial to SEO so that people know what they are looking for. Luckily there is a solution. You can have your cake and eat it too. Just make one clever headline and another that is SEO dense, so that you will get a better ranking. Also, don’t forget to lay the clever headlines on thick through social media!

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