4 Tips To Boost Your Email Open Rate

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Although email remains one of the most effective digital marketing techniques your Tampa business could employ, getting your strategy right typically requires a bit of trial and error. You’re probably reading this already knowing why your business should get better at email marketing, so let’s skip straight to these five tips to boost your email open rate.

#1: Employ targeted subject lines.

What’s even more important than the content within your email? The subject line. For subscribers who don’t see a read preview in their email application, the subject line is the sole factor in determining whether or not your email is opened. If you’re going to focus on any single tip, start with this one. Allocate time to learn what makes a subject line intriguing to a potential reader and incorporate those same ideas into your own emails to boost your email open rate.

#2: Get personal.

Personalization in digital marketing is another strategy your Tampa business should take under advisement. Utilize personalization within the subject line and also within the email itself. Inserting a company name, first name or location can work well to create reliability. Just tread carefully because overuse can easily come across as creepy rather than friendly.

#3: It’s all in the timing.

When you send off an email can make a massive difference in whether or not it gets opened. If you do the research, you’ll learn there are various studies about the optimal moment to send an email. At some point, you’ll realize the main consensus is to send an email mid-morning on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. Further investigation uncovers that the ideal time for your business ultimately depends on the type of content you’re sending.

#4: Maintain an updated email list.

Not only do you need to add to your email list, you must also update it. Every so often, go through your email database to see which customers haven’t opened an email within the past 12 months. You can either launch a campaign aimed at bringing customers back to your emails, or you can move straight into removing them from your list. Remember, it’s not the size of your list that matters, but rather the quality of its subscribers.

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