4 Tips To Improve Your Brand’s Facebook Video Viewing Time

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If your brand releases videos on Facebook, then it’s time to get that social media service working for you. If you remembered from a previous post, 2018 is the year of video marketing. So, your digital marketing strategy should reflect the importance of videos for its social media services. Luckily for you, our social media services team has outlined four tips on how to get more Facebook video viewing time.

1. Try Uploading Directly To Your Page’s Video Library

Many brands tend to upload videos straight into Facebook’s ad program. However by uploading videos directly to your brand’s video library, you upload it more effectively. From here you can choose the format, keeping in mind to make it mobile user friendly, as well as all sorts of things.

2. Schedule Your Videos

A great tool that Facebook provides is the ability to schedule your content. This is very useful because you can time your campaign ads to drop the same time your video does. Plus, uploading the video lets you keep it in your video library rather than let it being a temporary ad. However, if your video does have time-sensitive material, you can always remove it from the newsfeed.

3. Be The First To Comment

Before you even go live with the video, make sure to comment first. This also applies to other content, like social media posts. By commenting first, you increase the chances of your Facebook video viewing time being viewed more. Remember, your brand is trying to get viewers to watch that video to completion, so use everything you can to get them hooked.

4. Use a Facebook Ad Campaign To Support Your Video

We already mentioned the importance of scheduling your videos. So, once you create your video and upload it, it is time to support it with an ad. The ad will be shown to users that are most likely to watch your video. This can be done by setting up a budget and targeting which users you want seeing the ad. Targeting the wrong audience will effectively be pointless.

Videos are a great tool for digital marketers. They provide your brand with the opportunity to spread brand awareness and to increase engagement rates. If you are interested in stepping up your digital marketing game, then visit our website for a free quote from us today!