4 Tips to use #hashtags to promote your brand

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade, you’re familiar with social media. Or, you at least have heard of it. Not everyone can be a social media expert, but luckily at Venerate Media Group, we’ve got social media expertise covered. Many people on our team have studied social media and know how to use it to market brands all over the world.

One of the best ways to get your brand noticed is to use hashtags on social media platforms. We’ve created a list of tips for you to use when promoting your brand on social media while using hashtags.

First- What is a hashtag and how can your business benefit from using one?

A hashtag is the use of the pound or hash symbol (#) followed by a word or a phrase. By doing this, you create a searchable link.

Your business can benefit from the use of hashtags in many ways. For instance, if you use #NBAFinals in your tweet, Facebook or Instagram post, more people are likely to see your post. People can find your post if they search that hashtag in the tool bar. They can also click the hashtag in the post to take them to other posts that include that topic. By using relevant hashtags, your posts can be viewed by more people, therefore, more people will be exposed to your brand and its’ products.

Here are some tips on how to properly use hashtags:

  1. Use relevant hashtags. If your business specializes in selling jewelry, make sure you use hashtags that bring potential customers to your post. For instance, if you are promoting a specific gold item a good post might read: “We have #gold #rings on #sale today. Come get your #jewelry from us.” This way if people are searching for gold, rings, sale or jewelry they are more likely to see your post.
  2. Pay attention to trending topics. Twitter and Facebook show users which topics are currently trending. This is a great way to post relevant content to today’s trends. One great way to use trending topics is to always make the topic relevant to your brand. For example, if you own a gym and the top trending topic of the days is #NationalDonutDay you could post something along the lines of: “Is #NationalDonutDay worth your cheat meal? If so, we’ll see you later tonight working off those extra #calories.”
  3. One thing you don’t want to do is overuse hashtags. Your post should not look like this: “#We #have #gold #rings #on #sale #today. #Come #get #your #jewelry #from #us.” It’s too hard to read and people will likely skip over your post, which is the opposite of what you want.
  4. Create your own hashtag. A great use of hashtags is to create your own because it promotes your brand. You can include this hashtag in any promotional posts and encourage others to use the hashtag as well. Here’s an example: If you owned a bowling alley, Royal Bowling Lanes, and you were promoting a new bowling league season, you could post something like this- “Come join the #RoyalLeague. The season starts next week.”

By using hashtags to #promote your brand on #SocialMedia, your business will grow exponentially.