4 Tools to Excel on Twitter

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Twitter can be a little overwhelming at times. Staying up to date on what is trending, who to follow, and creating content that engages your audience, it can all be a lot of work.

Alleviate the exhausting process with some of these tools:

Tweet Jukebox
If you want to seamlessly get 100 tweets out to your followers a day, you can using this tool! The great thing is, if you have a promotion or other topic you want to repeat, you can! You can schedule the tweet to occur on a weekly basis, or daily until a specific date. The options are endless! This also helps when it comes to remembering to post a “Happy Holidays” post because you can schedule it to repeat every year!

Keep your followers under control with this nifty little tool. This will help you get your ideal audience, rule out spam accounts, and unfollow! The site also has a feature for finding the best time to post to your audience based on their activity. If you are in need of some content suggestions, they also have a RSS feed you can add to your account.

This site also helps you control your audience. They take data from your account and sort through it to show you who your influencers and most engaged users are — helpful when you want to know who to actively engage with that will actually engage back. Much like ManageFlitter, Commun.it keeps you informed by showing you tweets that are performing well so you can share and increase engagment. You can also set your account up to automatically send a “thank you” tweet to your top retweeters and followers.

Use good hashtags! Just writing random words and adding a hashtag before them can be a bit of a trial and error process. That’s why you need to be using RiteTag! After creating an account you can use the Research tab to find out what hashtags have been unused, overused, good, or great. They also have a plug-in that comes with even more features, like sharing directly from a site and getting analytics on a particular hashtag.

These are just some of our favorites. There are an array of other sites out there as well. Do you have any other tools you use that help speed up the process? Let us know, we’d love to hear!