4 Ways to Grow Your Follower Count

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Everyone wants to grow their follower count. Whatever platform you are on, you always want more. But, you want meaningful growth, right? Well social media services can help you with that. By using social media services, you can find your audience. You can grow your follower count without having to drive yourself mad. Our social media services team has come up with four great tips for you on how to grow your follower count.

  1. Regular and Consistent Posting
    Post on a regular basis, especially in the beginning. The goal is to grow your account. Therefore, post often so that you can build your audience. Also, don’t post at weird hours when nobody will see it. At the bare minimum you should post three times a week. Remember, the more consistent that you are, the better chance you have of gaining new followers and retaining your existing ones. Don’t be that account with only three pictures. You will see a mass exodus of your followers.
  2. Follow/Like Other Accounts
    Listen, your account is not the only one on Instagram. You cannot expect people to flock to your account en masse. Instead, go out and find them. Check other posts that have hashtags that you use. Also, don’t be afraid to like them and even comment! Spend a little time each day to do this. It’s a great way to gain more followers by putting in a little extra effort. Plus, they will see your account pop up on their notifications more than once, intriguing them to check your profile.
  3. Relevant Hashtags
    There is always a war for hashtags. Which work? Which don’t? Well, it is important to find the hashtags that work for YOU. Research which hashtags work best for your business/industry. Also, look at hashtags that aren’t so popular that you can use. This could help keep your post at the top of this search for a longer time. However, don’t forget to also switch up which hashtags you use. Try figuring out what works on gaining more followers. Finally, don’t overwhelm your posts with hashtags. Make sure they can still see your post/caption without being lost in a sea of hashtags.
  4. Engagement
    One of the most important things you can do is engage with your audience. This shows that you aren’t a robot, but an actual human. Engaging includes liking comments, responding, and anything else to show actual interactions. Put in the time to build relationships and retain your followers as your find more.

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