4 Ways to Become an Instagram Marketing Wizard Using Insights

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Instagram is truly an incredible social media service. It connects users around the world, allowing them to share, view, and comment, on pictures and videos. Therefore, your brand needs to be on this social media platform in order to boost its digital footprint. The content you upload can be a great way to connect users with your brand. Whether it is behind the scenes photos, awesome graphics, cool videos, or everything in between. It’s an important tool in growing your business and growing your brand exposure. Instagram knows this because it has an insight feature that measures your performance and data. It provides you information on your demographics, content, reach, impressions, and so much more. The system can measure your data, all at the tip of your fingers. So, let’s make sure your brand is using this social media function to benefit your digital marketing strategy. Take a look at the four things Instagram marketing wizard using insights can do for your brand and why you need to utilize these tools for your brand’s exposure:

  1. User Demographics and Behaviors
    Instagram’s insights feature has the ability to show you the breakdown of users based on their gender, age, and location. This can also be breakdown to your top user locations and actual online behavior. This means you can know where you users are from and whether you are hitting your target audience or not. You can also see what day and at what time your users are most active, thereby allowing you to fine tune your posting time strategy. You can find patterns and figure out when to best capture your audience.
  2. Individual Post Data
    You can see how a number of your posts did or narrow it down to one. You can see which post had the most engagements, impressions, reach, etc. Additionally, you measure which posts worked and which didn’t. This is important because you can adjust your strategy according to the data provided by Instagram insights.  Plus, the ability to see data on individual posts is quite useful. This data can show you which posts caused direct user action and if users who aren’t following you saw them
  3. Instagram Stories
    Insights also pulls data from your posted stories. However, you won’t be able to check individual posts. But it will show you impressions, taps (either backward or forward), exits, replies, and users who simply swiped your story away. This is pretty useful in showing you which stories captivated your audience and which caused them to immediate swipe out, so that you can avoid that!
  4. Paid Promotions
    The final thing to go over is paid promotions. Instagram marketing wizard using insights provides you with the ability to see your previous promotions and how they performed. You will be able to see a wealth of data on how effective they were. Again, here you can break it down by gender, age range, and location. You can also get important information like impressions vs. engagement, how many profile click visits and so on.

All these things are FREE with Instagram! They can all be done within the app. Again these are FREE tools provided by Instagram. They provide valuable information about your Instagram account that can help you with your digital marketing efforts. You know what else is free? Our free quote on your marketing needs!