4 Ways Your Brand Can Create a Captivating Story on Social Media

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Social media is all about being social. If you aren’t, then why are you even on? The important thing to remember about social media services is that they can help your brand be more social. By having your brand invest in social media services, you can shape how customers use and experience your brand over social media. You can create captivating story on social media, an identity or a story that shapes your brand and the engagement around it. Take a look below at four ways to create you can do that.

  1.  Planning & Finding Your Audience
    One of the many great things about social media services is that they can help with forming a plan and finding your audience. Going in without a plan or without an audience in mind is not going to do your brand any favors. You need to be strategic in using social media.
  2. Make a Statement
    Your brand needs to stand out and to make a statement. Don’t think of your brand as a company but rather more as a persona. This will give your audience the ability to build a relationship with your brand and with other customers. Plus, this is how you generate awareness and start conversations!
  3. Brand Image
    Once you find a persona for your brand it’s time to start thinking about how to introduce your brand to the world. This is important because it will dictate not only the type of content you push but also how your audience will engage. Think of it like this: is your brand more of a summer BBQ party or more of a posh 5-course meal formal gathering? Now, you should be able to imagine the difference in conversations being held. Keep this in mind as you determine your social media presence.
  4. Be Social
    Best way to let your audience know that your brand is human? Show them the people that give it life. Give customers a peek into your brand’s everyday life. Let them see the people that work hard to give them their product or service. On top of that engage, comment, like, and share. This way your audience sees that you care and are able to feel that their engagement matters. This is a major cornerstone towards building a strong relationship with your audience.

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