4 Ways Your PPC Company Is Screwing You

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Whether you are a CMO or small to the medium business owner, you have probably been approached by a PPC company promising you the world. Well, chances are their social media services are severely lacking and they cannot deliver. If you were unfortunate enough to have been duped by one of these services, we send our condolences. Social media services seem like an easy no-brainer industry, but the truth couldn’t be further. However, your business does need to be online and it needs to understand how social media services help reach potential customers. That being said, how can you find an agency that delivers the PPC services you need to grow? Because we know you cannot survive unless you advertise online. Be on the lookout for these four ways a PPC company could be screwing you:

PPC Company Is Screwing You

1. “Google Favors Us with Super Special Secret Discounts”

Some PPC companies might tell you about special discounts they get on Google AdWords because they spend so much money on it. They will tell you that they can get you cheaper clicks because they have them in. LIE. They don’t have any super awesome discount. Everyone pays the same price for PPC, whether it’s a major company or the guy running a business out of his trailer home. If they tell you this it’s because they really want your business and don’t care about the repercussions.

2. Guaranteed Spotlight

Unless this company employs the wizards that control the ever-changing algorithms at Google or can predict and control another company, there is no guarantee. They might tell you they can guarantee you the top spot, but in reality, it’s no shoo-in. It still takes hard work and a great strategy.

3. We Work For Google

If they tell you this, run away. None of these companies work for Google and are trying to entice you with the magic that is Google. Unless you get an email that has @google.com or a website that has Google.com in it, they aren’t Google. So please the moment they tell you that they work for Google, hang up on them or block them. They are trying to trick you into purchasing their service.

4. Zero Management Fees

This is also a trap. If they aren’t charging you for running your AdWords campaign then you should immediately recognize that something doesn’t add up. What is in it for them? Well, they are scamming you because they cannot make money simply running the service. The way they do this is with inflation. They tell you or rather bill you $15,000 for Google AdWords. But, they only spent $10,000 on ads. That missing $5,000 could be considered that “management fee” that they said they don’t charge. Don’t fall prey to PPC companies that lie to get your business. They will make out like thieves leaving your business scrambling to recover.

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