5 Analytic Websites to Optimize Follower Growth

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At the forefront of social media, the core of understanding your analytics is most important to tracking your success, seeing what you’re doing best, and repeating to continue growth. Here’s a list of the 5 of the best analytics websites for optimizing follower growth on your social media channels.

Analytic Websites

1. Simply Measured
If you’re looking to get in-depth analytics from a trusted brand, look no further than Simply Measured. The mission behind their success is to make the lives of marketers easier by bringing them the best insights they could gain from their social networks. Ultimately helping customers grow their overall business goal.

2. Iconosquare
For businesses on Instagram, Iconosquare is your number one site to track your analytics.  You are able to see which pictures resonate best with followers, and monitor social photo campaigns and initiatives. You are also able to analyize rolling month analytics, engagement, optimization, community, and content growth. Everything you need for a successful Instagram campaign can be done on Iconsquare.

3. Hootsuite
To help you keep track of all your social channels in one place and schedule them to post, Hootsuite is the best you can find to simplify your business. Plus providing a lot of insider tips on how to optimize your content, you need to be using Hootsuite to help simplify your life and learn how to continue your businesses success.

4. Agora Pulse
Either you’re an agency, small business, or a large brand. Agora Pulse has you covered in tackling all of your social media channels requests from your customers who have questions. Helping you keep track of your inbox and create benchmarks so you know where your weak points are to correct each month.

5. Curalate
Not only another analytics site for tracking and boosting your content, Curalate will help you boost the images specifically. The main difference is you can bring user-generated images from across the social web into your site, make those images shoppable, and keep people on your site longer. A great way for image heavy businesses to bring in more revenue and track everything in one place.

Written by Freddy Rodriguez.

Freddy is a southern Texas transplant currently living between New York City and Berlin writing about his experiences and many adventures.