5 Blogging Tips – Boosting Traffic to Your Blog

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The hard part isn’t creating a blog. The hard part is driving traffic to it. Using a social media services team could help change that. With some savviness and know how, your social media services team make boosting traffic to your blog and raise brand awareness. Below are 5 tips to drive and boosting traffic to your blog.

  1. Titles
    Headlines are important. They grab the audience’s attention. You want it to be creative, engaging, and clear. People tend to forget the importance and power of a good title. Your social media services team can easily help you with this tip.
  2. Shareable Images
    Speaking of attention grabbers, images are great tools to draw in your audience. They are an important part of any blog. Having one that works across multiple social media platforms is also key. Sizing is also important too. What works for Twitter won’t necessarily work for Facebook or Instagram. Keep that in mind when sizing your images. Images are often the first thing that your viewers see, so make it count and use what works!
  3. Existing High Traffic Posts
    If you struck gold with a high traffic post, capitalize on it! Use Google Analytics to see what posts are receiving the most traffic. Also look at what your most popular/trafficked posts are. What you think should be the most popular and what the audience thinks are two very different things sometimes. Look at what you can do to improve on that post. Maybe these posts can become a new series that you start. They could become evergreen content that you will be able to draw on for future posts.
  4. Remove Broken Links
    Nothing reflects laziness or carelessness more than keeping dead or broken links up. It’s an easy fix that will save your viewers frustration that you cannot afford. It can be tedious to check up on the links but it will be beneficial. Plus it gives users more ways to navigate your blogs and end up exactly where you want them to go.
  5. Optimize for Mobile
    Don’t forget, not everyone will be viewing your blogs from a laptop or desktop. Many people browse the web through their tablets and smart phones. Few things feel worse than when you are scrolling through a website that wasn’t designed with mobile use in mind. Save yourself from this mistake and checkout some plugins that can optimize your blog for mobile devices.

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