5 Great Ways to Represent Your Brand on Twitter

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Having a social media following is key to growing your brand. Social media services focus on how to grow your audience and use your influence to spread awareness. Take a look on Instagram and Twitter at all the social media influencers and the services they provide. Lucky for you we put together 5 ways that you can represent your brand on Twitter based on some social media services experience.

Represent Your Brand on Twitter

  1. The Handle
    Make your handle clear. Don’t get too messy with it. A good idea is to make it your brand’s website URL if possible. Or if your brand’s name stands out, then use that. Whatever you use, just make sure it stands out and that your audience can recognize that it’s your brand. Also, don’t change your handle often. Just find the right one that works and keep it. The last thing you would want to do is lose followers because they can’t recognize your new handle.
  2. Imaging
    Think of Twitter as your business card. Make it easy to read and clear. Use your profile picture and header to illustrate what your brand is. There are quite a few paths to take when deciding this. One way your brand could go is the promotional route. Use your cover photo to promote events, products, or whatever you deem news worthy. Let your followers know to check it out as well!
  3. Voice
    Figure out why your followers view your content. Then make sure your posts are in line with those expectations. Remember to ask these questions: “is this relevant to my audience?” or “does this spread brand awareness?” Keep these is mind when posting content.
  4. Connections and Influence
    You want others to notice your brand. Additionally, you also want your brand to become the expert that everyone comes to for questions and advice. Therefore, make sure you engage! Chat with new followers to engage with them. Even try making a daily or weekly tweet hour, solely for engagement with other users. Another thing to do is engage with mentions and shares. If you see someone sharing your post, go ahead and thank them. Let them know you are there if they have any questions. Also, try tagging people too! Always try to start up a conversation to drive traffic to your page.
  5. The Art of the Tweet
    Last but not least is the actual action of tweeting. One thing you will notice early on in your Tweeting career is that scheduling posts is a must. It saves you from scrambling at the last second for posts. By planning them out in advance, you are benefiting your brand.  Also, learn when and where to join in on conversations to help drive awareness. Finally, make sure that you have those social media buttons on your emails, websites, business cards, and wherever else. That lets people known that you are on social media and helps guide them to you.

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