5 Instagram Trends Changing the Industry in 2019

Connecting the community, as influencers.

It sometimes feels impossible to keep track of all the changes happening in the digital world then Instagram trends that can changing the industry will help you. Social media is constantly evolving and algorithm changes or new trends shape the way we interact with others online. Instagram is a fast-growing social media platform and it changes regularly. Our question: how can we be sure we’re getting the most out of our Instagram campaigns?

To make sure you don’t waste time on Instagram, we’ve put together a list of Instagram trends changing the industry in 2019 that will help your business thrive online.


IGTV is a video platform designed for mobile users. It’s an opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience who use mobile devices by using vertical video and “in the moment” content.

Before IGTV Instagram had a video form; namely self-deleting Instagram stories. However, IGTV allows users to make longer video content, up to one hour which doesn’t disappear.

Brands need to get used to the vertical video format and start using it for exclusive content, exciting news about the brand, or other informative video content. It’s also possible to track your IGTV performance that will help you shape your future campaigns.

Instagram stories

Crucial components of any marketing strategy are IG stories. They don’t have to be complex to reach the audience. You can show behind-the-scenes peeks into your office or launch polls to ask opinions on products.

In order to take advantage of this Instagram Trends that can changing the industry, you can insert stories ads between people’s stories, use the re-share option Instagram added in September 2018, or use story polls and engage your audience.


Engagement is essential whether we want it or not. So, the more you know about your audience the easier it gets to connect with them. IG added the emoji slider to their stories features. It gives you the chance to know what your Instagram followers like or dislike. Also, all the frequently asked questions are possible to be answered in your stories and then added to your stories highlight section on the profile.

Shoppable posts

Instagram became very interesting to sellers and e-commerce brands because 70% of IG users use their mobiles to buy products online. Using shoppable posts on IG stories allows your customers to purchase products through your Instagram. When they tap the “Shop Now” button they will be transferred to the seller’s product page on the website.

Pay to play

Since Instagram is evolving and you have more competition, you’ll probably have to step up your game to be on top of the Instagram feed. This means that you will have to embrace the concept of paid posting.

To stand out on IG and to realize which posts are the best to boost, you need to check out your aggregated reach data on Instagram insights, use A/B testing to see which posts deliver the highest engagement and conversions.

Apart from this, when posting on IG, make sure you add the trending Instagram hashtags because they may add to your visibility. One of the goals of every brand is to raise its visibility on Instagram so people don’t have to use Instagram search to find them. On the contrary, they will be appearing with their content on #hashtag pages.

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