5 Secrets to Help Your Brand Thrive On Facebook

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Your brand needs social media services to help it grow. In this day and age your brand has to stand out now more than ever. The rise of social media services has opened up the floodgates for any brand to rise to prominence. So, we put together a guide on 5 secrets about Facebook and how social media services can help your brand thrive on Facebook.

Help Your Brand Thrive On Facebook

  1. Build a Facebook Page
    This really isn’t a secret, but it is something you should do. Facebook has nearly 2 billion users! That means your brand cannot afford to not be social. Start simple and create a page for your brand. This won’t make your brand big overnight but it will allow you to establish a presence and some control.
  2. Find Your Real Audience
    Don’t expect your brand to have millions of followers and likes. Instead, focus on the real users. Build up your follower count with quality, not quantity. By engaging with your core audience and building up a rapport with them, then you will see your page become more active. Also, make sure to have incentives for customers to follow your brand at every opportunity.
  3. Communicate
    Don’t make your posts sound like an ad. People are bombarded with them constantly, so they don’t need you to add to it. Instead, reach out to your audience by actually talking to them. Keep it real and casual. Remember, you want your audience to have a reason to visit your page and to be active. By portraying your Facebook page has a community rather than one giant ad, you can achieve this.
  4. Content, Content, Content
    Content will always reign supreme. So, make sure that you are adding value worth your customers’ time. Showoff fun stuff about your brand, give them important information, or just post some fun laidback content once in a while. Whatever it is, make sure that it will keep your audience coming back.
  5. The Community
    Don’t be a hermit kingdom. Instead give potential followers a glimpse of your page. Let them see your brand and your interactions with your audience. This will let potential followers know that their comments and likes will actually be valued. However, at the same time make sure you filter out the spam and trolls. You don’t want your page to be filled with hate. Don’t allow negativity be the reason why everyone is amassing on your page. Also, make sure to avoid spam links or anything else that’s obviously post by a bot. Please, don’t ever let spam, like Farmville requests, find their way into your comments sections.

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