5 Tips for Creating Successful Digital Communities

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Internet completely changes the rules of the game in many ways and in many industries. Previously, positioning a brand was a matter of having money to bomb the media with advertisements, but nowadays it takes more than a good budget to make consumers feel attracted to our brand. Creating successful digital communities can be tricky if you don’t know where to start.

There are several definitions of what a brand is, but this is my favorite definition: “A brand is the community that is created around a product or company.” The logo, slogan, mission, vision, etc. are elements that are part of a brand, but the brand as such is all that set of values ​​and culture that is around the company.

If you are a community manager or digital marketer Tampa or social media marketing manager, I invite you to put these tips into practice to achieve better results.

  1. Know your target audience:

There is a basic principle of effective communication: “The right message, to the right person, through the most convenient and timely means.”

Begin by understanding who you are addressing, or who you want to address. Know the habits, motivations, customs and desires of your target audience. Everything you can learn about them will be a great source of information when designing your communication strategies. The message, the medium and the moment, depends on the person to whom we want to address.

  1. Set goals and goals:

Always work with goals and objectives. Each strategy and action you execute should contribute to the achievement of those goals. You can think about objectives like:

  • Brand positioning
  • Maximize brand engagement
  • Sell ​​more
  • Educate and inform the client

Each brand has its own objectives. Define what you want to achieve so you can focus your strategies.

  1. Measures:

Once you set goals and specific goals, establish tracking metrics that help you measure the results you are getting.

On the web and on social networks you find various tools that allow you to get very accurate statistics about each strategy you put into the brand, so take it!

  1. Each social network requires a different strategy:

Something that costs a lot to understand is that a company should not be on all social networks. Every company is different and you must decide which of the available networks and tools are the ones that will really help you to achieve your goals, it is not about creating accounts everywhere and dedicates yourselves to publishing the same everywhere.

Each social network is different and as such requires different strategies. It defines in which social networks your company will be and what your strategies will be in each one of them.

  1. Social networks do not deal with numbers, but people:

Do not obsess about the number of followers. There are many ways to buy followers in social networks, but at the end they will not serve you. If you have 100 relevant followers and all are connected with your brand and ready promote it, maybe after those 100 there are thousands of followers you can reach by focusing on creating value through your publications. Focus on people, get to know them and create value for them.

Remember to leave your comments, doubts and experiences about creating successful digital communities.