5 Tips For Making Memorable Social Media Images

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Did you know that almost 30% of your brain’s cortex is dedicated just to processing visual stimuli? This is why including vibrant, interesting images are so vital to the success of your small business on social media. That being said, creating memorable images can be incredibly time-consuming. Luckily, there are a few tricks to making the process more palatable…

Social Media Images

  1. Typography

Using the right combination of fonts can take your image from ho-hum to magnificent! The fonts you choose contribute to the overall feeling of your design. While you certainly don’t want to be boring, you must always consider readability when choosing fonts! Simply put, the words you place on an image must be easy for your audience to read. It may be tempting to use tons of fonts within one image, but stick to three to avoid a chaotic mess.

  1. Balance

Think of each visual element as having “weight”. Imagine putting your image on a scale. Would it be balanced – or would it tip to one side? Aside from symmetrical balance, there is also radial, asymmetrical and crystallographic. Asymmetrical balance is used to create tension within an image while symmetrical provokes a sense of harmony. Radial balance is achieved through circles which radiate from a central point within the image. Finally, crystallographic balance is about repetition. This method works best when you repeat the same-sized element over and over again.

  1. Contrast

Complementary colors, shapes and sizes will create a harmonious image. But sometimes it may come off as a bit flat. If you want any of these elements to pop within your image, instead, use the design principle of contrast. Take both the size of your images as well as the size of your words into account. Using weighted fonts will help draw attention to the most important words within your image.

  1. Juxtaposition

The placement of each visual element and its closeness to other visual elements can have a major effect on how your image is perceived. By grouping elements together, you can create a cleaner design. On the other hand, separating visual elements gives a sense of individuality.

  1. Color

According to Buffer, “90% of snap judgments made about products are based on color alone.” This makes color the most important component of your overall design. If you haven’t thought about color theory since grade school, this is an excellent place to start! One of the most important questions to ask when creating an image for social media is,what mood or emotion do you wish to incite? Use color theory to guide you when mixing and matching various colors.

Color can and should be used to lead your social media audience through a visual story. Including the colors of your brand is a phenomenal way to create cohesive images. When done consistently and over a long enough period, your audience will come to recognize your posts, tweets and shares.

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