5 Ways To Use Facebook Live Video For Business

Connecting the community, as influencers.

Live streaming is an incredible tool to connect and engage with your target audience. The immediacy of the interaction allows you to reach potential buyers in a way never before possible. A Facebook live video also fulfills the craving your social media audience has for authenticity because of the potential for mistakes and errors.

As you can see, the social media benefits for your Tampa business are more bountiful! Continue reading to learn 5 ways to use Facebook Live Video for your business.

#1: An Inside Look

People love seeing things that are normally considered off-limits. Share how your team works on a project or show how they develop a new product. Reveal how they unwind in their spare time. Take them on a video tour of your store, including the employee-only sections. Do whatever you can to educate new and potential customers about a day in the life of your brand.

#2: Promote Events & Webinars

Promotion of an event starts long before the event actually happens. As soon as you have all of the relevant details, create a live video showcasing your event. Always use a trackable and easy to remember URL to measure the video’s success.Webinars are worth mentioning because although they can be powerful tools, but they also take a lot of work to create. Facebook Live offers an easier alternative and the ability to run the entire webinar without ever leaving Facebook.

#3: Host Interviews

Whether it’s an employee, client or another expert in a relevant industry, hosting interviews can be a valuable tool for your business. In addition to building credibility with current and potential customers, it can also be used for recruitment purposes. Employees want to work for brands who value them. One way you can show you value your employees is by letting them speak about what they do for your company and why they love it. Use social media to differentiate your Tampa business from every other.

#4: Sneak Peak (new product)

You can do this several ways. For pre-order items that are not yet available, create video teasers. Capitalize on the excitement of your target audience with a specific pre-order link. Once the new product arrives at your warehouse, this presents another great opportunity for a live video. As a follow-up,consider live-streaming your new product at a VIP event prior to sending out orders.

#5: Q&A

Every industry has its own set of frequently asked questions. A Facebook live video represents a unique opportunity to answer some of your most commonly asked questions. Customers may require a bit of encouragement to start checking your Q&A videos, but over time they can learn to use this as a resource. Utilize you’re Q&A’s not meant as a means to replace your customer service team, but rather as an additional support system for your customer.

As you can see, Facebook Live can be quite the useful social media tool for your Tampa business. Would you like to incorporate more live video into your digital marketing strategy? Venerate Media Group is ready to provide assistance!