6 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers

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Most people think of Instagram as a great way to share pictures or post throwback Thursdays. However, it definitely has changed since its humbling beginnings. Now Instagram is an important part of any brand’s social media services. People engage on Instagram every day with individuals and brands. That’s why it is time to take a look at your brand and to see if your social media services are up to par. Check out these great ideas on how to get real Instagram followers, increase visibility, and drive engagement.

Get Real Instagram Followers

  1. The Hashtag
    Hashtags are basically a science within itself. But, if you created a brand specific hashtag, how are people going to know to use it? Having it in your profile is a start, but it’s not enough. Social media services go beyond just social media. Include your hashtag on everything: receipts, printed ads, in your store, and at any and all events. You’ll have people actually see it, not just hope that they stumble upon it.
  2. Your Bio
    This space on your Instagram is great for getting your messages out there. Instead of having it permanently link to your website, try changing it up often. Have it change depending upon your post even! Do whatever you can do to drum up excitement.
  3. Captions
    It’s Instagram, so of course the picture you post is important. But, don’t forget about the importance of the caption. Use it to share engaging content. Think of it as an opportunity to truly create some great content, dialogue, or even a call to action.
  4. Your Own Style
    Instagram is whatever you make it to be. So try to find your own style. Find a way to stand out so that people stop when they see your posts. Give them a reason to not skip over your content. If you can capture their attention and have them follow your account, then you are creating a real base of followers.
  5. Tags
    A great thing to do is to have your base create content that you can share. It not only shows that you care but that you also engage. However, you will also want to make sure you aren’t tagged in spam or troll posts. So make sure you monitor how followers interact with your brand. You can also select the option of approving of tags before they are shared publicly.
  6. Call to Action
    Don’t forget one of the most important things you want is a call to action. You want to start a conversation, not just plaster your message everywhere. Also, keep your content fun and shareable. More people sharing your posts means more people will see it and therefore spread awareness of your brand.

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