6 Ways to Incorporate Periscope into Your Brand’s Social Media Strategy

Connecting the community, as influencers.

The two hottest social media platforms to recently hit the market were Periscope and Meerkat, resulting in the advent of live-streaming. Out of the two platforms, Periscope has shown to be by far more successful. As of August, Periscope counts more than 10 million registered users, all gained within a span of 4 months (keep in mind Periscope was launched in March of 2015).

Incorporate Periscope

Live-streaming gives marketers a chance to broadcast real-time events and happenings to their audience, as opposed to live tweeting or uploading pictures to Instagram.

Below are 6 ways marketers can incorporate Periscope into their brand’s social media strategy.

Launch of a New Product

If your brand is launching a new product, Periscope is an excellent way to showcase the new features and designs of the product. Demonstrations can be provided in real-time while answering incoming questions from your customers.

Inside Look

Incorporate a human element into your brand by giving your audience an inside look into your business. Create a personal connection and let your audience know who you are as opposed to them just simply reading posts on your social sites. Perhaps you could spend a day with your viewers, showing them what a typical day at the office looks like. A little fun and humor can help as well. The whole purpose of social media service is to virtually bring people together, and Periscope helps to enhance that opportunity further via live-streaming.

Content Filler for Other Social Channels

Videos shot via Periscope can be repurposed for use as content in your other social channels. For instance, you can save the videos you shoot to your phone or Ipad, and then upload them to your video-based platforms such as Youtube and Vine. A tip to remember is to switch on the autosave feature on your Periscope app to automatically save your broadcasts.

Stream Live Events

If your brand is hosting or participating in a live event (i.e. live summit, opening day at an amusement park, conferences), Periscope is a great tool to let your audience participate in the action, virtually. Perhaps you can include a live commentary of who is speaking and what their role is. Make it a point to invest in a tripod or stand to ensure the broadcast is done in a professional manner. Can you imagine watching a live broadcast with the broadcaster’s hands shaking?

Why Write It When You Can Stream It!

Have industry news to share with your followers? It can take a good deal of time to prepare a blog post or some type of content addressing the latest innovations or trends. Take it to the airwaves with your audience by generating a discussion about the latest news. Afterwards, you can repurpose that broadcast, using the conversation as a reference point for your blog post.

Get Connected With Major Influencers

A major component of an effective social media strategy involves following or liking major influencers in your field and engaging with them (liking, sharing and even commenting on their posts where appropriate). Have you considered perhaps actually engaging a live chat? With Periscope, you can connect with influencers in real-time and have a live discussion. You can even invite your audience to join in and watch and comment as well. To take it a step further, you can then take excerpts of that broadcast and use it as a topic for blog and social postings.

With the advent of Periscope and Meerkat, brands can now engage with their audience in more meaningful ways, adding more value to their engagement. Instead of relying on comments and waiting for replies, your audience can tune in and follow the latest happenings in real-time.

How does your brand incorporate Periscope into its social media strategy? Use a method not listed above? Please share your thoughts below!


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