6 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Posts

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The lives of marketers everywhere were made that much more difficult in 2014 when Facebook shifted its algorithms, causing organic reach to decline and more emphasis to be placed on ad campaigns. While this may be a challenge for marketers and brands alike, it is still possible to put together good content that may help improve your reach while sending the message across to your audience.

Optimize Your Facebook Posts

Below are some strategies you can follow to help optimize your Facebook posts.

Create a Plan of Action

To maintain a social presence anywhere, not just on Facebook, it’s important to constantly post relevant content that pertains to your audience via social media. However, that shouldn’t be done blindly. While posting is good, posts that mean nothing to your audience won’t have any affect at all. Consider creating a road map, identifying specifically what content you want to cover Once you are done with that, put together a content calendar that details when and what you are to post each day.

Brevity is Key

Nowadays people are not as patient as they used to be. In fact, research has shown that the attention span of individuals lasts for no longer than 8 seconds! This means that the first few words you use in a post will make a huge difference. Be brief yet try to captivate the audience.

Optimize Your Content

Typically, there are four ways you can post your content:

  • Links
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Basic texts

Depending on what you want to accomplish with your post, you may want to go with either one of these options. For instance, to drive traffic to your website or blog, including a link may be more beneficial. If you are looking to create brand awareness, you may be better off with an image or video. It is however important to use Facebook Insights as a guide to your posting strategy. With insights, you can analyze the performance of the post by looking at how many times your audience clicked on the post, and more importantly, how many times they clicked on the link. If you were looking to drive traffic to your site or blog and you noticed the number of link clicks was low, chances are the content may not have been appealing enough. Maybe it was the text or the imagery that didn’t generate enough attention. Play around with your posts and try different things to see what works best and what doesn’t.

Own Your Facebook Post Descriptions

When you upload a link to your Facebook post, a description comes alongside the image generated by the link. You have the option of editing that description, making it more in tune with the context of your post.

What Are the Best Times to Post?

Numerous sources will give you different answers as to when is the best time to post on Facebook. According to an article from the Social Times, Thursdays and Fridays are the best days to post. It goes on to say that 1 p.m. is the best time for optimizing shares on your posts and 3 p.m. works best for clicks. While these guides are great, determining the best times to post will depend on what your Facebook Insights tells you.

Brand Hashtags?

Thought hashtags worked only on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest? Well they can also be used on Facebook. Consider developing a brand specific hashtag for your Facebook posts. Hashtags can also revolve around trending topics. Be careful with how you use hashtags. It is very important that its relates to your brand’s positioning.

There you have it folks! Six ways to help optimize your Facebook posts for better reach and engagement. The key is to mix and match different strategies and see which one works best for you!

What strategy do you use for your Facebook posts? How has it worked?