7 Steps To Your Prosperous Website

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Whether used as a marketing hub or simply as a tool to build awareness of your product or service, a website is incredibly vital to marketing your business online. But you can’t just throw up any old website, it needs to be a great one! A prosperous website is one that drives people to visit and then converts them into customers! Conversion is the most part of the sales process because without it, there is no sale.

A successful website requires written, technical and creative skills! This can be overwhelming for most business owners who either don’t have these skills, or are too busy with their own daily tasks to get involved. Whether you decide to do-it-yourself or opt to hire a marketing agency, it’s in your best interest to understand what’s involved in developing your website!

These are the 7 steps Venerate Media Group uses to create high converting prosperous website:

Step 1: Analysis

Everything starts with gathering information. What is the purpose of this website? Who is the customer that I’m targeting? What goals do I want to accomplish? These are all great questions that should absolutely be answered before doing any work on your website!

Step 2: Planning

Do you know which website builder you’d like to use? We like WordPress because of its robust features and flexibility! Another question (or two) you’ll need to answer is, who will host your website (and who will pay for it)?

Step 3: Design

First impressions count. A lot. Once a visitor lands on your page, you have a limited amount of time to convince them that they’re in the right place. Use colors, fonts, images and other web design elements which speak to your brand personality.

Also consider website usability. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes to see what their experience is like. How easy is the website to navigate? Is it clear where to find everything? Does the website load quickly?

Step 4: Content

If you want your website to be found, your copy must contain valid keywords. But it should never come at the expense of your content. Keyword stuffing does not add any value to your reader and the search engines will notice. In the end, it hurts you more than helps you.

Just as important as what you write, are the photos you use. Focus on using your visual imagery to amplify your content. The right balance of great content and search engine optimization will bring customers to your website and keep them there!

Step 5: Development

Here’s where we start creating, and things get a bit more technical. Your website requires two types of scripting to work properly. Client-side scripts (html and css coding) are technical languages which create the design of your website. Server-side scripts (java and python) are what allows your customer to interact with your website. If the web code isn’t exactly right, your web page will not work properly.

Choosing to create a website that cannot adapt to mobile, is one of the fastest ways to annoy your customers. We only use responsive design for the websites we create and we recommend you do the same for yours.

Step 6: Testing

Before your website goes live, double check everything! Check every single link and every single page to ensure all technical pieces are working properly. Next, it’s time to examine your website in various browsers. And finally, you should always ask – does this website fulfill its purpose? If not, now’s your chance to make final changes!

Step 7: Deployment

Congratulations, your website has been launched! But the work is not over yet. Monitor your site to ensure everything is functioning as it should be. This also allows you catch bugs and fix them right away! Absolutely every website requires continuous maintenance. Over time, information will changes, and so may your goals. What works today may not work five years from now. Understand and plan for this.

Make it a priority to continuously improve your website. Visitors will appreciate your efforts for keeping your website updated and functioning like a well-oiled machine! In fact, you’ll likely see this reflected in your web conversion rate.

We won’t lie to you. Creating an excellent website does take effort, but the end result is happier customers, and more of them! Are you in need of web design inspiration? Check out these websites we’ve recently built!