8 Tactics To Enhance Your Pinterest Marketing

Connecting the community, as influencers.

We’re kicking off this blog post assuming you’ve already set up a Pinterest account and have also created a few boards. You’ve probably posted a few pins and repined some items, but overall, your account isn’t doing much. Now you’re ready to take the social media for your Tampa business to the next level! Follow these eight tactics to enhance your current Pinterest marketing efforts.

Pinterest Marketing

  1. Fill out pin descriptions: Use this space to provide more information about your content and entice pinners to actually open your pin! It’s also a great idea to add useful keywords that others might be searching for. Aim for 150-300 words, then test to see which words and description length works best for your target audience.
  1. Take advantage of height: Although Pinterest automatically sizes the width of your image, you are (mostly) in control of the height. Try using taller pins which often perform better simply because they stand out against shorter pins. Optimal pin sizes to experiment with are 2:3 and 1.3:5. Although Pinterest allows you to design pins to the full height dimensions of 1.2:8 – these don’t perform as well as the slightly shorter versions.
  1. Choose lighter images: Did you realize that people prefer light images over darker ones on Pinterest? Additionally, warmer colors receive two times the number of pins than cooler colored images. Use this information to guide your image choices. If you want more repins, choose images with reds instead of blues. Garner more attention for a particular pin by using contrasting rather than complementary colors.

Are you creating your own images for use on social media to market your Tampa business? Check out these tips for making your images more memorable!

  1. Adding keywords: A tactic only available for promoted pins, adding 20-30 relevant keywords will get your pin noticed by your target audience. Including keywords accomplishes two goals. First, it ensures your pin is showing up in the right category in Pinterest search. Secondly, it increases the likelihood that your pin shows up when others search for content in that category. Keep in mind that keywords don’t show up within your promoted pins, they are only used as criteria to connect the right people to your content.
  1. Include Links: A strategy often overlooked due to its simplicity, adding links to your boards and individual pins can often generate more traffic to your website. Use a link shortener such as bit.ly to keep your url condensed and as a means of tracking link clicks.
  1. Share Prices: Are you using social media to sell Tampa products? Including your price within the description can be a useful attention-grabbing tactic. Test this out with your target audience. If you don’t know where to find your target audience, this is a great place to start!
  1. View Analytics: It’s always best to start with the analytics of the platform you’re using. Pinterest marketing analytics provides basic information about overall and individual pin performance as well as your target audience. Identify which pins resonate with your audience and create more of them. Also, spend some time looking at the demographics and interests of your audience. Grab more advice on measuring metrics that matter.
  1. Set up Rich Pins: Although it requires website validation and additional metadata info, applying for rich pins is well worth the one-time effort. An option only available to business accounts, rich pins display more information than traditional pins. This is especially useful for product pins because it displays pricing, availability and also locations to buy a particular product.

Whether you wish to come up in better searches or want to better target your customer, you now know how to use Pinterest as a valuable marketing tool! Do you need social media for your Tampa business? Call (888) 486-4130 or contact Venerate Media Group online.