9 Image Creation Tools For Your Blog and Social Media Posts

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If you’re not using visual in your today’s fast-paced digital marketing world, it’s no wonder people are completely ignoring your content. Speed is the ultimate reason why we’re drawn to images rather than text. Our brains simply process visual information at a much faster rate than written words. Instead of denying this physiological fact, embrace it as an opportunity! Image creation tools to make stunning pictures that can be use to acquire more audience in your social media accounts.

What can you do with this information? First, you can use it to understand the social media marketing services your small business has hired your digital agency to do. In lieu of this option, aim to better your personal graphic design talents. Those of you who aren’tskilled graphic designers can take solace in these ten image creation tools.

  • Canva – This is our favorite image design program because it allows for the most flexibility and creativity. It provides photos for a fee or lets you upload your own. Not only can you create posts to fit any social media platform, it also provides a plethora of templates for you to base your designs off of.
  • PicMonkey – This website program boasts a variety of frames and special effects. Cropping the size of any photo is also a simple feat.
  • Pablo by Buffer – Pablo’s biggest claim to fame is its ability to create images in 30 seconds or less. It’s an easy program to use for quickly putting together quote images, however those who are looking for more hands-on design would be better off with Canva or PicMonkey.
  • Recite–This simple option is the perfect tool for those times you have the words but not the visual. It takes whatever you write and mixes it up into different versions of text over images.
  • LiveLuvCreate–Once you’ve signed up for your free account, you’ll select a layout followed by your background and text. This is an easy-to-use point, click and drop web application and ideal for anyone new to image creation.
  • Pixlr – If you have design expertise and are looking for an alternative to Photoshop, check out Pixlr. It offers the ability to resize, crop or color correct any image on both your desktop or mobile device.
  • QuotesCover – This is another image tool that reworks your written words into graphic images. Choose from three pre-populated social media post sizes. It also includes numerous size options for designing print materials such as postcards and posters!
  • Pictaculous– This interesting tool allows you to upload an image and populate the hex color codes of all shades within it. At the same time, it generates many palette options with both complementary and contrary colors to consider when designing a visual element based off of that particular image.
  • VizzBuzz– Because the images you create on VizzBuzz are sized for Twitter and Pinterest, it’s a tool best served when marketing on Twitter or Pinterest. Providing options for uploading your own images is your best bet because the app itself is still new and has very few templates and backgrounds to choose from. Still, it’s a viable tool that is most similar to Quotes Cover and Recite.

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