A Perfect Instagram Profile

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It’s no news that every marketer should include Instagram in their social media marketing strategy. With more than 500 million daily users, Instagram is, we may say, a crucial part of any digital marketing strategy.

If you want your Instagram profile to stand out as one of the best, it should have an easily identifiable username, captivating and recognizable profile photo, informative bio and a steady stream of photos and stories, etc.

How does a perfect Instagram profile look like?

Public profile

If you’re creating an Instagram account for business, then you want it to be public, so anyone in the world can see what you post there.

Recognizable username

It’s vital that you have a recognizable username. You should use your business name and in case it’s already taken, you should consider keeping the business name as the first part of the username. This will help your followers find your profile and more likely that people will come across it on Instagram.

Business name

Make sure you add your full business name in the ‘name’ section of your profile.

Instagram profile picture

One of the first things people notice is your profile photo. Make sure it is captivating and also recognizable. Most companies use their logo. Keep in mind that the minimum profile picture size for Instagram is 110 x 110 pixels — a perfect square – and Instagram will crop it, so it will be a photo in a circle. It’s also possible to import a photo from Facebook or Twitter if you don’t have one in your library.

Informative and charming bio

In addition to your photo, your visitors will see your biography as well. Instagram gives you a maximum of 150 characters to present yourself so do your best to make it informative and charming at the same time. Give people a reason to follow you!

Clickable links

The only place Instagram allows a clickable link is in the ‘website’ section of your profile. We know everyone gets frustrated because of this, but the only thing you can do is to put your links there and make sure you update them regularly.

Refer to the link in your photo captions and inform your followers to click the link in your bio if you want them to visit your website or any other social media site.


Your notifications should be enabled so you can easily and quickly engage with your community and see when someone comments or shares your content.

High-quality photos

In order to have a highly-optimized profile, you should post high-quality photos. When someone visits your profile, they will probably scroll down through some of your photos. The quality may influence whether that person will start following you or not.

Post regularly

You have to be active on Instagram. Focus on creating high-quality content, and then post it at the right times for your specific audience. Post consistently and maybe create a backlog of photos for times of need- when you go on vacation or during weekends.

These are some of the essential things a perfect Instagram profile needs to have. If you have any questions and concerns about your Instagram profile, feel free to contact us at Venerate Media Group. Our team of experts will do their best to help you with all your digital marketing needs. Call Us Today! +1 (888) 486-4130.