ADA Compliance & Digital Marketing

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Social media services should and need to be inclusive for people with disabilities. More and more corporations are seeing lawsuits filed against them because their websites lack accessibility. That is because the Americans with Disability Act states that consumers all have equal access to the goods and services that their fellow citizens enjoy. That is why your social media services need to be ADA compliant. It will not only put you on the right side of the law, but it will actually improve the experience of all your consumers. This is also why you need a team that understands accessibility with social media services. Check out our guide on common mistakes websites make that can cause you problems when it comes to ADA compliance.

ADA Compliance


If a link, image, or form field is selected by the user, it must be clear to them that it is selected. This also means using high contrasting colors in order to make it clearly visible. Another thing that is required is to have it so that users can tab through the different selections using their keyboards. The whole site should be accessible to users that are using a keyboard only.

Low Color Contrast

If your users are color blind, have low vision, or macular degeneration, then they will need color contrast in order to surf your website better. WCAG 2.0 guidelines explain what is required in order to be sufficient for ADA compliance.

No Alternate Text

Alternative text tags appear when an image fails to load. They provide assistance to visually impaired users because they clearly explain what is in the image. For example if a logo says “Coca-Cola” but fails to load, the alt tag will have the words “Coca-Cola” in it. Thereby allowing the user to know what the image was.

Inaccessible Forms

Your website’s forms need to be accessible to everyone. That means having titles for their respective lines. That is to ensure that screen readers can properly reflect each field in a form. Remember to include this for all forms on your website.

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