Are You A Victim of Click Fraud? 4 Easy Ways to Protect Yourself

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PPC is a powerful tool to help you convert users into customers. But, buyer beware. There are social media services out there that can deliver you these results. There are also less than savory agencies that will commit click fraud at your expense. Therefore, make sure you find the right social media services agency that can deliver you the results that you expect. Don’t avoid PPC! Instead, keep an eye out on what social media services are offered and learn how to avoid click fraud. Luckily for you, we have four easy ways to spot it.

First off let’s talk about what click fraud is. When a company inflates your number of clicks, then you are looking at click fraud. Why would a company do this? Two reasons:

  1. The company is trying to hurt the competition.
  2. The company is clicking ads on their own website to boost up revenue.

So, let’s talk about how to protect yourself:

  1. Facebook & Twitter

These platforms already have their own ad service. There is a major reduction of what a company can do to commit click fraud. You also don’t have to really worry about competitors purposely clicking on your ads because of the specific targeting. It will be much harder for them to know your keyword search and therefore harder for them to seek out your ads.

  1. Tweak Your Ad Targeting

Let’s say you suspect that click fraud is occurring from a particular area. This can be because of click farms creating invalid clicks. If you suspect that this is the case, try excluding the area or keywords in their language. However, if you think a competitor is doing this, try excluding their location. But, don’t harm yourself in this process. This is more of a nuclear option.

  1. IP Exclusions

If you found the culprit of your click fraud and know their IP address, you can block that account. That way future attempts by that IP will be blocked. It’s very easy and requires you just add the IP address that you want to be excluded. That’s it!

  1. Retargeting/Remarketing

Publisher based click fraud can be dealt with through this method. Remarketing targets people who have visited your website and are interested. Publishers won’t be able to click on these ads because they won’t show up for them.

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