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My name is David and I build things. Currently at Venerate Media Group www.veneratedigital.com grew out of a concept to move away from the static automation of social media. Rather than offering our clients a “One size fits all” approach we do something revolutionary – we listen to their needs and develop an action plan that will deliver results.

5 Tips for Improving Your Social Media ROI

You know that social media is an essential part of your client’s marketing strategy. When you’ve created and implemented the social media marketing strategy for your client, you’ve most likely wondered how to measure social media ROI. Social media ROI definition is the sum of the social efforts that create value. Social media is [...]

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Effectively Using SEO For Your Blog

Do you know why companies have blog posts? For two major reasons: the first is to educate people on certain products, services, practices, etc. The other is to promote its brand. The way this is done is by using search engine optimization (SEO). By optimizing your website and blog posts, you are making it [...]

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The Definitive Guide On Finding Your Video Length Sweet Spot For Social Media

Video marketing is the future. It’s the go to point for capturing your audience’s attention on social media. But, simply posting a video doesn’t guarantee that people will watch it. When a video pops up on Facebook, will you watch it immediately? Chances are you will see how long the video is and if [...]

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A PPC Campaign

In order for your brand to have an online presence, it needs to invest in a PPC (pay per click) campaign. It’s a necessity for any brand that is striving to use digital marketing effectively. Many small businesses may think that a PPC campaign wouldn’t benefit them, when in reality it would. A PPC [...]

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Twitter Engagement 101: Learn How to Effectively Engage With Users Over Twitter

Every brand is looking for how to best build their audience and how to boost user engagement. Remember that the key to social media is being SOCIAL! It is not enough to post it and forget it. You need to speak with your audience and to engage with them. Essentially, you want your customers [...]

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4 Ways to Become an Instagram Marketing Wizard Using Insights

Instagram is truly an incredible social media service. It connects users around the world, allowing them to share, view, and comment, on pictures and videos. Therefore, your brand needs to be on this social media platform in order to boost its digital footprint. The content you upload can be a great way to connect [...]

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3 Facebook Features You Need To Know About For Digital Marketing

Are you aware of all the social media services and features provided by Facebook? Well, if you didn’t know, you will now! In this post you will learn about three social media services that will help you improve your digital marketing efforts when it comes to Facebook. These tools will transform a lackluster Facebook [...]

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Top 3 Reasons Why Social Media Services Are One of the Best Tools for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Social media services dominate digital marketing. That is why brands need social media in order to grow and thrive in this day and age. Social media services have become a staple of any digital marketing strategy because they are integral to how we connect with each other. Our personal lives have become intertwined with [...]

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Digital Marketing with Different Generations

Social media services aren’t a one size fits all type of thing. We know that because not all consumers want the same thing. That can be clearly seen with the different social media services available. For example, what millennials used to want and buy has been slowly changing. That is because they are aging [...]

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ADA Compliance & Digital Marketing

Social media services should and need to be inclusive for people with disabilities. More and more corporations are seeing lawsuits filed against them because their websites lack accessibility. That is because the Americans with Disability Act states that consumers all have equal access to the goods and services that their fellow citizens enjoy. That [...]

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