How to Block Fake Facebook Accounts

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If you aren’t on Facebook, do you even exist? Of course it’s a joke but there is some truth to it. Today, social media services and digital marketing are huge. We see brands and business on all the social media platforms. But with over a billion users, how can you tell who is real and who is fake? Your business probably gets loads of spam messages daily, but how do you block these people? Well, here is a friendly social media service reminder on how to block fake Facebook accounts.

Step 1:

Login to your Facebook and find the account you wish to block. On their page you should see a box that says Message. Next to that box is another with three dots, as shown below. Hit that drop down box to give you the option that says Report.

Step 2: 

After you hit the Report button, you will be prompted with a few things. The one you will want to click on is Report this profile. The other options won’t really help you in blocking this account. Reporting the profile is the most effective way in removing the fake Facebook account.

Step 3:

Now you will be prompted with options to help Facebook determine what the problem is. For our tutorial, we will select This is a fake account in order to show you the next step. Again, the other options are useful for removing trolls or for identity theft.

Step 4:

Here is the final step. You have a few options on where to go from here. You can select Block if you wish to not be contacted anymore by this person. Generally, fake accounts will only really message you once. Blocking is more effective against trolls or people harassing you. The Hide button is helpful if you cannot stand seeing your friends’ and family’s political posts and armchair quarterback posts. For fake accounts you will want to hit the Submit to Facebook for Review button. This will report the fake account and have Facebook review it. Facebook works hard to be vigilant in removing fake accounts. One of the core tenets of Facebook is that you have a unique identity. Help Facebook in removing fake accounts in order to create a community of real users and businesses.


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