Does Your Blog Have Page Speed Problems?

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Having a page that loads too slowly on the internet means you don’t exist and a page speed problems can damage your site. Users expect instant loading times. If you page is taking too long to load, then that means people are going to immediately leave – and that hurts. If your social media services team hasn’t dealt with this problem, then you are harming your search traffic. An experienced and effective social media services team will be able to spot this problem and help you correct it. Users won’t wait around for a page to load, and if they leave then that means you risk losing their business. These users that have a negative experience with your social media service will be less inclined to do business with you in the future. Additionally, it doesn’t even matter if you are killing it with your digital marketing efforts elsewhere. A slow loading blog can hurt your business. Here is how you can prevent that.

1. Test Your Blog’s Speed & Mobile Optimization

First off, it’s important to test your blog’s loading speed. Try using a website that can measure how quickly your blog loads. Once you find out the speed of your website, try using a website, such as mobile-friendly test, to see if your website is mobile optimized. Remember, a vast number of users consume their information through their smartphones. So, if you website isn’t mobile friendly, then you are missing out on a huge number of users and potential clients.

2. Optimize Your Images

Uploading an image directly to your website could be a reason why your blog takes forever to load. Optimize your graphics by following a few easy tips. One thing you could do is decrease the size of your images using a plugin that can reduce the size. These plugins will decrease the size without loss of quality. Another fix is to use an online tool that allows you to compress images. Again, this will allow you to reduce its size while maintaining the picture’s structural integrity.

3. Try Using A Better Theme

The page speed problems could be that the theme you are using just doesn’t work. If you are serious about blogging, which your business should be, don’t use a free theme without proper research. It’s advisable to pay for a proper theme, because free themes can be poorly coded and have codes that are vulnerable to hackers. Save yourself the trouble by buying a theme that you can trust and rely on.

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